Military Flags

We offer Military, High Quality Nylon, single-sided flags. All of our flags have the canvas header with 2 brass grommets and are strong for outdoor use.


Military service is something to be honored and respected. Whether you served in the military or are supporting a loved one serving in the military, Flagpoles etc. has a wide selection of military flags and pennants of the world to show pride in the armed forces. The quality fabric and vibrant colors assures that all flags are the best available. Military discount of 5%. Use coupon code 5OFFANY



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Military Flags

We offer Military, High Quality Nylon, single-sided flags. All of our flags have the canvas header with 2 brass grommets and are strong for outdoor use.


Military service is something to be honored and respected. Whether you served in the military or are supporting a loved one serving in the military, Flagpoles etc. has a wide selection of military flags and pennants of the world to show pride in the armed forces. The quality fabric and vibrant colors assures that all flags are the best available. Military discount of 5%. Use coupon code 5OFFANY


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More Information on Military Flags

Military Flags

We offer Military, High Quality Nylon, single-sided flags. All of our flags have the canvas header with 2 brass grommets and are strong for outdoor use.

Military service is something to be honored and respected. Whether you served in the military or are supporting a loved one serving in the military, Flagpoles etc. has a wide selection of military flags and pennants of the world to show pride in the armed forces. The quality fabric and vibrant colors assures that all flags are the best available. Military discount of 5%. Use coupon code 5OFFANY.

More Information on Military Flags


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Order When Displayed

The order of precedence when displaying military flags together is Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Except that Coast Guard moves up right behind Navy when the Coast Guard serves as a service of the Dept of the Navy in time of war. The basic citation is Department of Defense Directive 1005.8. It’s promulgated down the line in various service directives. I believe for the Marines its Chapter 12 of U.S. Navy Regulations and NAVMC 2691, the Marine Corps Drill Manual.

Army comes first because it was created first–14 June 1775. Marines come second because, even though they were created a month after the Navy (10 Nov vs. 13 Oct 1775), some Secretary of the Navy accorded them precedence back in the days before defense unification (late 1800s, as I recall).

Coast Guard last, I guess because they’re not one of the big four, even though they’re 150 years older than the Air Force.
Joe McMillan, 22 September 1999

People sometimes ask why the Marine Corps flag comes before the Navy flag. The Marines have had an official corps color since 1881, and the current scarlet flag since 1939. But there was no official U.S. Navy flag until 1959, and by that time the official order of precedence among the services had already been set as Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard.

The real question is why the Marines take precedence over the Navy, even though the Navy’s official founding date is 28 days earlier. The Navy History Center says it’s because the Marines have, since 1921, consistently claimed 10 November 1775, when the Continental Marines were created–as their founding date. The Marines chose to disregard the gap in their lineage caused by the disestablishment of the Corps after the Revolutionary War. Meanwhile, the Navy had variously claimed 1794, when the Navy was reestablished after the Revolution, and 1798, when the separate Department of the Navy was created, settling on 13 Oct 1775 (the founding date of the Continental Navy) only in 1972.

But this all ignores the fact that by the 1890s Navy landing force manuals, which governed not only combat tactics but parade protocol, already stipulated that when Marine and Navy battalions were paraded together, the Marines would take the position at the right, or more senior, end of the line. I believe the practice stems from a decision by a Secretary of the Navy some time in the mid-19th century, but have never been able to pin it down more precisely than that.
Joe McMillan, 17 December 2001

In 1972 the Navy officially changed to October 1775, which was one month prior to the Marines at November 1775. Prior to officially changing to this date, they were a younger service than the Marines — Congress didn’t authorize a Navy until 1789. In 1972, the Navy chose to make their inception date October 1775, which was when the Continental Congress authorized a Continental Navy to search out ships bringing munitions to the British. After the war for independence, the ships were sold and the personnel released.
Tammy Baker 31 May 2002

According to the website,
House Resolution H.R.1119 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1998 SEC. 1054.

includes the following provision:

PROTOCOL: If flying the flag from ONE FLAG POLE, the POW/MIA flag is flown directly below the National Colors and above any state flag.

  • If flying National, POW/MIA and State flags from TWO poles, the POW/MIA flag should be flown from the same pole as the National Colors, and beneath the American Flag, with the state flag flying from the pole to the left.
  • If flying flags from three poles, the National Colors occupy the place of prominence (the right), with the POW/MIA flag immediately to the left of the U.S. Flag, and the state flag to the left of the POW/MIA flag.


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Veteran Honored with Flag

Levelland veteran honored with flag from Rep. Arrington


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LEVELLAND, TX (KCBD) – On Tuesday afternoon an American hero was recognized by Congressman Jodey Arrington for his leadership and sacrifice during World War II.

Levelland veteran Jimmy Price, a retired Army Sergeant, will soon turn 99. To honor him Arrington presented Price with an American flag recently flown over the U.S. Capitol building, a certificate, a firm handshake, and an even stronger thank you message.

“He’s a hero who was served with distinction and with honor and helped preserve this great experiment in liberty and democracy that we enjoy today,” Arrington said outside of Price’s home where the small gathering took place.

“I think this flag means as much to you as anything in the world,” Arrington told Price as he sat next to him.

“He set a good example to our family… to our kids… to our grand kids because he works hard. He always has his whole life. He can outwork any of us… even in his 80s and 90s, he could outdo us out in the field or in anything,” said Glenda Gibson, one of Price’s six kids, and one of Price’s four kids at the ceremony today.

Gibson says Price has always been a man of few words, especially when it comes to talking about his military career, but he always knew he had a duty to fulfill.

“It sure is nice to have some of these old-timers left…even if they don’t say much, just to look at them and shake their hand, because it’s not what they say, that matters… it’s what they did that matters,” said Arrington.


Arrington added that the country could benefit from more people like Price and veterans. “Their patriotism… their love for family and community… their commitment to service was unparalleled in the history of this country. We need that. Those are the values… that’s the characters of this country and the traditional values of this country that we so desperately need.”

Price will turn 99 next month.


Types of Solar Flagpole Lighting

iojzgzg.jpgWhen you go solar for your flagpole lighting, it helps you save some money and even provide you with a wide range of advantages.  There are two major types of solar lighting options for your flagpole which are:

Outdoor solar lighting:

This is a type of solar flagpole lighting mounted on the pole and lightens up the flagpole and the flag itself from an upward and downward position, depending on the kind of selected unit.

This is a perfect option for people who don’t want to install anything at the base of the flagpole. Usually, the lights are attached in the middle of the pole for upward lighting and the outdoor solar is place at the top of the pole for downward lighting.

These solar lights are built with intensity LED lamps.

Above-ground solar:

This is installed at the base of the flagpole and the lights provide additional security. This method of flagpole lighting does not require any form of wiring and majorly for residential flagpoles only.

Before choosing the type of solar light to go for, there are things to consider which are-

Budget: solar landscape lights are not only environmentally friendly but also cost effective.

Location: solar lights won’t work effectively if the flag and flagpoles are situated in shaded areas where there won’t be direct sunlight to charge up the solar system.

Environment: when considering going for a solar flagpole lighting, the availability of sunlight in the environment is a major factor to consider because if there isn’t enough sunlight in that area or location, buying solar lights for your flagpole could turn out to be a waste of money.

Installation: there is no need for any electrician to come set it up for you. The installation process is quite easy once the steps are properly followed.

Keep in mind that it is best to keep the lights halfway on the flagpole so as to avoid unnecessary tampering with light and to also provide sufficient illumination.

American Flag and the Empire State Building

What’s a better way to show our country’s pride than displaying the American flag all around America??? We strongly believe in this and offer American flags as well as any flag you could think of including custom flags! We promise to beat any competitors prices by at least 5% and give free shipping on anything! Also, if you have Facebook, we are doing WEEKLY giveaways of flagpole lights (solar lights, other flagpole lighting) as well as flagpole finials such as flagpole eagles and flagpole balls. AND are you a veteran? You’ll get a discount on your products at Flagpoles Etc. So don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Varied types of flagpole lighting

The type of lighting for your flags whether they are the Military flags or the Sports Flag, has to be necessarily focused on while setting up your flagpoles outside your house, office or any other place. Flagpole lighting aims to illuminate your flags so that they can incredibly shine and enable the whole world to see it. Whether you are doing it for any advertising purpose or other purposes of pride, nothing is more perfect than a beautiful flagpole.

When it comes to choose the perfect lighting type for your flag, then you have to opt for the same from the variety of choices available in the market. Firstly, you have to commence your planning with the colour of your flagpole’s lighting, whether it should be white or colourful- the choice is all yours. In case, you have military flags then both the illuminating colours shall suit, however I think white colour would be more suitable.

If yours is a Sports flag and contains any kind of symbols or any other pictorial representation, then white light is recommended so that its colours and other miscellaneous representation is not at all distorted. Not only the lighting colours have to be kept in mind while planning for a perfect illumination, but you also need to look out for type of lighting-whether it should be a solar lighting but a traditional lighting technique. However, it has been recommended by majority of the flagpole’s users that the solar lights are more convenient than the traditional ones since they do not need to be replaced in a faster manner and also the arrangement of the running cords has to be facilitated too.

The most important thing that has to be kept in mind while opting for the perfect lighting of flagpoles is none other than its brightness level. It needs to be considered that how much level of the brightness has to be set for illuminating your flag pole. At least 35 watts light has to be needed so that your flag is adequately showcased to this world, however you have to keep the street lighting as well as the natural lighting in mind while setting the brightness.

Military Flags: The most respective Flags among the other flags

The flagpoles are used to wave up the flag high and create more respect to the flag. There are different types of flagpoles are available and are used for various purposes. The Military Flags are the most respective flagpoles when compared to the other flagpoles. It also has the special Flagpole Ball at the top of the flagpole. It represents the power of the nation and the authority of the nation. This type of flagpoles is seen only in the military forces and army forces. It is placed only in the particular places, if it is placed in the other country then it represents that the places were under the military control.

Only for the special occasion, the Military Flags are placed in the certain places after that occasion, take them and place it in certain places. The indoor flagpoles are generally six to eight feet long. The Flagpole Ball also placed on the top of the flagpole. It gives more attraction to the flagpoles. The flagpole is also used for placing the banners. It is made of different materials like metal, PVC pipes, aluminum etc. There are many creative style flagpoles are used to make the attractive banners. Choose the good flagpoles which will not get affected by the weather conditions.

You have to note the following thing before choosing the flagpoles.

  • Budget – Select the minimum budget for the short period banners and buy the high rate flagpoles for the long-term banners.
  • Construction – The method to design the flagpoles based on your needs
  • Height – The main thing is to calculate the correct height need for the banner and based on the place, the height may vary.
  • Installation process – Many banners installing services are available and select the best services and place it in the visible position. The visibility of the banner is very important.
  • Wind and weather condition – Use the hard material flagpoles to avoid the damages caused by the wind and weather condition.

•    24 hours display – Note that the banner is visible for all the day and night time. Place it under the street lights make visible for all 24 hours.