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Christmas Tree Flagpole Lights

Think that telescoping flagpoles are only for flags? Think again! With Uncommon TM Christmas Tree Light Kits, you can transform your telescoping flagpole into a stunning, brightly lit Christmas tree display. These remarkable LED light kits have 100,000 hours of use, so there’s no need to worry about the bothersome task of replacing lights all the time, Whether you choose white lights or multicolored lights, Uncommon TM Christmas Tree Light Kits are certain to make your Christmas decorations breathtaking. Designed specifically to be used with your telescoping flagpole.


This addition to your flagpole around Christmas time is absolutely perfect for those who are trying to show their holiday spirit as well as light up their flagpole to honor their country. These Light Kits lay nicely on your flagpole giving anyone who drives by a unique, beautifully lit up view of your flagpole.  You can make it  look like the Christmas tree flagpole YOU want by picking either white lights or multicolored lights. what do you think?




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As a full time operation of flag and flagpole installation professionals, we give you a variety of options for residential, commercial, municipal, and non- profit settings. As well as different color and material of flagpoles and different types and sizes of our finials. We have a fully stocked warehouse, two storefronts and we’re able to supply your needs at any time of the day.


Want to light up your flag at night?

We have the right flagpole lights for the job. Our huge product line helps supply customers with lighting solutions for everything from shorter residential flagpoles to massive 150′ flagpoles. Interested in solar lighting? We have you covered!  Visit our solar flagpole lighting page on the left side bar. This page provides a large assortment of lighting products that address the best lighting options for every environment; including commercial locations that require high output solar lighting. We even offer a Christmas tree lighting system for your flagpole to show off your holiday spirit.


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 Flagpoles Etc is a family owned and operated business with a fully stocked warehouse and a store front in the Village of Holly, located in Mid-Michigan. With 25 years combined flag and flagpole experience, we are flag and flagpole professionals; this is all we do, everyday of the week. We have a full-time professional staff that offers knowledgeable, friendly, & responsive customer service & support. We beat all competitors pricing by 5%! Lowest prices guaranteed, even after the sale. We offer free and next day shipping along with timely installations. Free professional quotes with spec. sheets.

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Flagpole Lights

Flagpole Lights

Residential 2800 Lumens LED Spot Lighting Kit

Flagpole Size:
25′- 35′
Size / Style:
2800 Lumens LED Spot Lighting Kit

(25′ – 35′ Flagpoles)

Lighting Fixture:

  • 2800 Lumens LED Directional Spot Light Fixture
  • 36 Degree Spot Optics


Ground Sleeve:
17″ Heavy-Duty


Dusk to Dawn Photo Control


ONLY Cost $11/year and LED Bulb Will Last Almost 20 Years*
(*Cost/year based on 8 hours/day Usage*)

Light Kit Includes:


  • Directional LED Spot Light Fixture
  • 17″ Heavy-Duty Black Ground Spike
  • 2800 Lumens LED Bulb
  • Dusk to Dawn Photo Eye


350 LUX Solar Flagpole Light



  • 3.7v mAH Ni-CD Batteries High capacity
  • Illumination: 350 LUX Output
  • Lights: Cree LED Bulb Rated To Last 20 Years
  • 6v 3w Solar Panel
  • Runtime:  8-10hr Of Illumination
  • Mount: Any Flagpole Up To 2” – 6”  Diameter
  • Dusk to Dawn Photo Eye
  • Complete Installation Instructions


Solar flagpole light


This advanced COMMERCIAL SOLAR LED SPOT light system is loaded with features making this an essential, affordable lighting solution to adequately illuminate your flag at night. It has an adjustable arm for the lighting head and adjustable powerful 6 volt solar panel. This flagpole lighting solution will fit any size flagpole 2” – 6” in diameter and can be mounted to any flat surface by simply removing the pole clamping  assembly. This Solar Flagpole Light is perfect for any flagpole. It gives off a powerful shine while hitting all right spots because of the multiple LEDS and their specific positioning. This Solar Flagpole Light is simple to use and makes such a difference when those night hours come around. Still not hooked? This Flagpole Light is solar powered, deriving energy from the sun so you don’t have to hook up cords or change batteries. This is one of our most loved Flagpole lights! We beat all competitors prices by at least 5% and offer free shipping on everything. Visit our website or give us a call to talk more about our 350 LUX Solar Flagpole Light.


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Commercial Flagpole Light

These durable, yet elegant, Commercial grade Flagpole Lighting kits keep flags well lit. Rain or shine, day or night, our Commercial Lighting will do the trick. Our solar power Flagpole Light designs conserve energy and provide a beautiful shine of illuminating light on your flags. The tempered glass and heavy duty weatherproof seal gives this Commercial Flagpole Light good protection to last a long life. Since these Commercial Lights are available in different wattage’s, sizes and styles, customers are certain to be able to find exactly what they need to meet all of their Commercial Lighting needs.

With our Commercial Flagpole Lighting, you can display your flag during the day and at night with illumination focused solely on the pole, not spread across your property. All of our Commercial-grade Lighting solutions are UL listed for outdoor use and have shatter-resistant tempered glass lenses to ensure safety. The heavy-duty weatherproof seal locks out moisture for use in all types of weather. We have Commercial Lights to suit flagpoles of all sizes and some that carry energy-saving ultra bright LED options.

The trick to choosing the right Commercial Light for your flagpole is to first find a Commercial Light fixture that is not only rated for outdoor use, but that also has a leak free seal that prevents water from penetrating the glass lens. Even if a five gallon pail of water is dumped on the top of the fixture, our Commercial Lighting is solid for your outdoor flagpole use. Most outdoor Commercial Lighting is protected from the major weather conditions by bushes, walls, and overhangs. Another important quality to consider is the ability to spot the total wattage of the Commercial Light output to the flag.  Most lights are designed for landscaping and have a flood fixture designed to light your entire yard and not your flag 20′-40′ in the sky. Flagpoles Etc. provides a unique Commercial Lighting product line that addresses these issues to make sure you don’t make a mistake putting the wrong lighting at the base of your Commercial Flagpole, just focusing the light on the Flag and Flagpole. We are lighting professionals that have personal experience lighting poles at homes, banks, churches, schools, dealerships and poles up to 150′.

 More info on Commercial Solar Lighting



Residential Flagpole Rock Light



  • 35 lb. Rock – Acid Stain Grey Color 17″x17″x9″
  • 4″ Black Aluminum Canister Spotlight Fixture
  • 5 Watt Cool White LED Bulb
  • 50′ of low voltage wire
  • 12 Volt Transformer with Built-in Photo Eye with Timer
  • Easy Do It Yourself Installation Instructions


“The Rock” is a large, heavy-duty, 35 lb. flagpole lighting kit, specially designed for the proper illumination of flagpoles. This Flagpole Rock Light is not something you can purchase at a local hardware or chain store. This kit comes with a completely sealed 5 watt cool white LED bulb designed to illuminate your flag, not your entire yard. “THE ROCK” is proudly made in the USA and utilizes LED technology for the least possible energy consumption. Its LED bulb is equivalent to a 50 watt halogen bulb. This rock is one of a kind. Be the first to revolutionize the landscape lighting in your neighborhood. This lighting fixture has 10 degree spot optics making it suitable for ground mounted up-lighting.






Flagpole Solar Light

Do you happen to fly your flag at night?  Do you know that Flag Etiquette requires you to keep your flag illuminated if you fly it at night? Have you always made an “exception to the rule” due to the high cost of running power to your flagpole for lights? Are you tired of wasting your money on box store junk? FINALLY! Solar Flagpole Lighting that is bright enough and long lasting  enough to illuminate our U.S. Flags.

Enjoying the splendor and majesty of a flag does not have to be limited to daytime hours thanks to these Solar Flagpole Lighting kits providing the light to showcase our prized flags at night. Available in a variety of sizes and LUX levels, these positively reviewed Solar Flagpole Lights feature spotlights so that only the flag is illuminated, rather than the entire yard. The tempered glass lens and weatherproof seal on these Solar Flagpole Lights provide the quality and rugged durability that discerning customers demand and deserve.

The trick to choosing the right Flagpole Solar Light for your flagpole is to first find a light fixture that not only is rated for outdoor use, but that has a leak free seal. You want a leak free seal to prevent water from penetrating the glass lens, and entering the housing. Even if a five gallon pail of water is dumped on the top of the fixture, your light will be protected! Another important quality to consider is the ability to spot the total wattage of the Solar Flagpole Light output to the flag. Most lights are designed for landscaping and have a flood fixture designed to light your entire yard and not your flag 20′-40′ in the sky. Flagpoles Etc. provides a unique Solar Flagpole Light product line that addresses these issues to make sure you don’t make a mistake putting the wrong Flagpole Solar Lighting at the base of your flagpole.  We are Flagpole lighting professionals that have personal experience lighting poles at homes, banks, churches, schools, dealerships including poles up to 150′.

flagpole solar light

Solar flagpole light

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Tips To Buy The Flag – A Brief Guide

BudgetAluminum_3Flags are utilized to express the adoration for nation and the enthusiasm. This pattern is especially regular among the majority and day by day we see the general population conveying distinctive size flags as logos on different items.

The American flags are typically sold abundantly around the year however its deal increments quickly amid the national occasions like Memorial day or the Veteran’s day. The fourth July is another occasion that makes an enormous interest for the American flags. On the off chance that you are happy to bear the cost of a load of it, at that point you can without much of a stretch profit on these occasions by selling out the flags.

Get the American Flag at a decent discount –

  • It is an excellent plan to buy a full load of the American flags at shabby rate from a decent discount seller.
  • The offers of the modest flags increment reasonably amid the occasions or amid the procession occasions on a huge scale.
  • Subsequently, in the event that you are keen on the flags deal, at that point you should get it in mass and after that deal on different events.

Get the Sports Flag

  • The discount flags are extremely valuable for the people who work in the motion picture industry or the general population who stay in contact with the electronic media.
  • There is a wide scope of flags like the state flags; global flags, military flags and the pilfered flags of vicarious sorts are likewise accessible.
  • There are numerous employments of it and it is the best plan to purchase the flags in discount amount to spare your cash.

The practical thought is to get the flags in a bigger amount for multipurpose. In the event that you live in a zone that has more love to the nation and country then you can purchase the flags in bigger numbers and disperse them to the zone with the goal that the general population are awed y your social exercises.