Importance of flagpole climber services?

collection-of-flagpoles-with-all-accessories-and-flags-1-638As much as flagpoles are important for your organization or company, flagpole climber are equally very important. A flagpole is an extraordinary method to show your enthusiasm, particularly if that is a significant piece of your business’ guiding principle.

Here are a couple of extra reasons we think a flagpole makes a savvy venture for your business:

Get Noticed

Numerous urban areas’ codes or mandates control the tallness of landmark signs, yet don’t force confinements on flagpoles. This empowers a business to show a banner with its logo at an a lot taller stature than a landmark sign. This can improve your business’ shot of getting saw when a shorter landmark sign probably won’t catch enough consideration. Despite the fact that the banner showing your business name is required to be estimated littler than the American banner, you have a lot of texture for people to see what your identity is and where you are.

Long Life Expectancy

The kind of business flagpole we sell for the most part outlives the individual who requested it.


A large portion of the flagpoles we sell are 100% aluminum. Statures normally start at 20 feet, and the sizes increment from that point in 5 feet augments, as far as possible up to 100 feet. Their completions incorporate brushed aluminum, bronze, white, and dark. Distances across of the shafts are typically 4, 5, or 6 inches, however can be bigger, and decrease up to 2 or 3 creeps at the top. Discussing the top, on the off chance that you don’t need the standard “ball” topper, you can pick to move up to a falcon for extra cost. These different makes and sizes give you the choice of deciding what best accommodates your spending limit, yet in addition what will have the most effect to get your business took note.

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How to promote a sporting event using flagpole?


When it comes to a sporting event, the first thing an organization thinks about is a flagpole on top of building or call a tall flagpole service. A lot of things go through your mind, and you want your sporting event to be nothing less than perfect. A sporting event is always popular, especially because people look forward to it wholeheartedly. But how to let everyone know about the sports event and ensure that you get to entertain a maximum number of people for better revenue. If it is a local sport, event, then you will surely want to spend as less as possible and still spread out the word. If you are wondering what to do, then we are here to help.

Spreading the right word

If nobody is aware of your sports event, then no one will know that there is an upcoming event to look forward to. So, without wasting any time, start promoting it. No, you don’t need to spend a dime a dozen on the advertisement campaigns. You can call a flagpole climbing service and start displaying the flagpoles all over the city. Use temporary flagpoles for the event, so that you can easily remove them once the event is over. You would not want people to contact you even after the event is over, right! Use these flagpoles in target areas, know who your audience is and use the flagpoles to do the rest.

Things to do before the final countdown

You are left with only a few days, and you have so much to do. First, you informed everyone about the event, now it’s time to pump up the game. It’s time for you to remind everyone that they shouldn’t forget about cheering the team. Since only a few days are left, now start using the flagpoles to start talking about the venue. Display the venue on the flags and let everyone know where they should come. Put the flagpoles on the road and everywhere from where you got the significant leads.

Don’t stop branding your organization

Since you are an established organization, you should never stop promoting your brand name even if the event is over. Keep displaying the flagpoles, call a reputed flagpole climber service provider to design the best flagpole for you which you can use even after the event is over. Just make sure that this time, you should display the message about your organization only.

So, there you go. Try these tips, and you will surely see good results. Call Flagpoles Etc for the best tower climber or tall flagpole service so that you can have the right flagpole for the right event.

Why does ETC flagpole grab the top priority in the market?

collection-of-flagpoles-with-all-accessories-and-flags-1-638.jpgIt’s long been, ETC flagpoles started manufacturing flagpoles. Although, it began from producing steel flagpoles only, now extended its business in offering colossal flagpoles, flagpole climbers, monster flagpoles,  solar flagpoles, and much more.

Since you have decided to buy flagpoles from the prominent providers, ETC flagpole is one of them. It has been offering the tall flagpole services as well, which are durable and made with the top-notch material. Moreover, you can buy the flagpole climbers from them as well, as it a well prominent hub in offering different types of flagpole climbers at a nominal price.

Reason being you must knock the door of ETC flagpole only when you need to buy a flagpole:

  • It has the best engineers 

No manufacturing process can get completed without hiring competent and experienced engineers. ETC flagpole has hired engineers who know how to balance tall flagpoles flawlessly. It offers construction of different flagpoles. Thus, if you need durable flagpoles, then manufacturers of this place will help you a lot.

  • It offers multiple services 

ETC flagpole is not a popular place in providing only flagpoles but also provides different flags and accessories like flagpole eagle, flagpole ball, flagpole lighting, etc. Thus, under a roof, you will able to find out different flags and flagpoles.

  • It offers variant flagpoles

Solar flagpoles, colossal flagpoles, steel flagpoles, etc. are some types of the flagpoles provided at ETC flagpoles. You can find out the different varieties in flagpoles under a single destination. The tall flagpole service is also offered by it. Therefore, you don’t need to explore different places to buy a flagpole of your choice.

Besides, you will able to buy flagpoles, flags, and different accessories at cost-effective prices. To reach this destination, you should take the help of its official website which is,

What Should Be the Size of Your Flagpole?

BudgetAluminum_3In the event that you need a flagpoles for your home or business, you should choose what size flagpole you need for your flag. Incidentally, if your flagpole is mounted atop your house, you will likely need a five-foot flagpole for an over two foot by four-foot flag. You will require a six-foot flag pole for a three-foot by the five-foot flag. Be that as it may, you might need to think about what size flag pole for your flag on the likelihood that you have a house mounted flag pole and the flag contacts things encompassing it, similar to hedges, trees, drains, siding, door handle. Contact with the ground or unclean surface causes on wear and tear on your flag. In the event that you have enough room, you might need to consider expanding what size flagpoles for your flag. On the off chance that you can, utilize an eight-foot-post to ensure your flag. Choose a tall flagpole service that can cater to all your different needs.

Presently how about we make sense of what size flagpoles for your flag on the off chance that it is an in-ground flag pole. The general guideline is that the length of the flag ought to be about a fifth the stature of the flag pole. So on the off chance that you have a three-foot by the five-foot flag, which is the most widely recognized, utilizing the standard, you would require a fifteen to the twenty-foot flag pole. Air conditioning Flag and Flag offers another model, on the off chance that you have a five-foot by the eight-foot flag, you would require a twenty-five-foot flag pole.

Obviously, you ought to likewise think about what the flag is made out of and how it will be presented to the breeze. Flags are generally produced using cotton, 1-utilize polyester, 2-handle polyester, or nylon. Cotton flags are solid yet frequently blur from presentation to the sun. The 1-employ polyester flag is normally more affordable while a nylon flag is utilized regularly on the grounds that it is solid, lifts in the breeze, and is decently evaluated. For individuals who discover their flag destroys like clockwork or something like that, might need to attempt a flag that is somewhat harder. The 2-handle polyester is extraordinary for high breezes or other outrageous open air climate conditions. Sun, downpour, wind, ice, and snow all debilitate flag textures and strings. Air conditioning Flag and Flag prescribes bringing your flag down during the harshest climate, so you can fundamentally build the life of your flag.

Additionally, make sure that you choose a company with experienced flagpole climbers who have done enough flagpole climbing. Installing a flagpole on top of a building requires professional expertise and this is where we come in.

It’s essential to recognize what size flagpoles for your flag, in such a case that you fly a bigger flag than is prescribed, it can result in harm to the flag pole. It would be ideal if you counsel the Flag and flag pole to flag size diagram beneath.

Normal size extents outline

Shaft Flag

15′ 3’x5′

20′ 3’x5′- 4’x6′

25′ 4’x6′- 5’x8′

30′ 5’x8′- 6’x10′

35′ 6’x10′- 8’x12′

40′ 6’x10′- 10’x15′

45′ 8’x12′- 10’x15′

50′ 10’x15′- 12’x18′

60′ 10’x15′- 15’x25′

70′ 12’x18′- 20’x 30′

80′ 15’x25′- 20’x38′

90′ 15’x25′ – 20’x38′

100′ 15’x25′ – 30′ X 60′

Since you realize what size flag pole for your flag, if you happen to  need to fly two flags from a similar flagpoles, you will require two arrangements of snap snares. The two flags can be on a similar rope or halyard. Air conditioning Flag and Flag says flag behavior requires continually putting the American flag on the top. At that point leave around twelve creeps between the American flag and the one underneath it.

Tips To Buy The Flag – A Brief Guide

BudgetAluminum_3Flags are utilized to express the adoration for nation and the enthusiasm. This pattern is especially regular among the majority and day by day we see the general population conveying distinctive size flags as logos on different items.

The American flags are typically sold abundantly around the year however its deal increments quickly amid the national occasions like Memorial day or the Veteran’s day. The fourth July is another occasion that makes an enormous interest for the American flags. On the off chance that you are happy to bear the cost of a load of it, at that point you can without much of a stretch profit on these occasions by selling out the flags.

Get the American Flag at a decent discount –

  • It is an excellent plan to buy a full load of the American flags at shabby rate from a decent discount seller.
  • The offers of the modest flags increment reasonably amid the occasions or amid the procession occasions on a huge scale.
  • Subsequently, in the event that you are keen on the flags deal, at that point you should get it in mass and after that deal on different events.

Get the Sports Flag

  • The discount flags are extremely valuable for the people who work in the motion picture industry or the general population who stay in contact with the electronic media.
  • There is a wide scope of flags like the state flags; global flags, military flags and the pilfered flags of vicarious sorts are likewise accessible.
  • There are numerous employments of it and it is the best plan to purchase the flags in discount amount to spare your cash.

The practical thought is to get the flags in a bigger amount for multipurpose. In the event that you live in a zone that has more love to the nation and country then you can purchase the flags in bigger numbers and disperse them to the zone with the goal that the general population are awed y your social exercises.

Man fights to keep 60- ft flagpole

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – Charleston City Council is considering whether it will allow a homeowner to keep a 60-foot flagpole in his back yard.

David Abdo put up the flagpole last year in the yard of his home in West Ashley without a permit.

City officials said nothing can be constructed in that neighborhood that exceeds 35 feet in height, according to zoning rules.

“We had to take some sort of action to notify the owner to say,’You violated the ordinance and you have to remove the flagpole,’” City of Charleston Zoning Administrator Lee Batchelder said.

However, Abdo’s attorney is arguing the flagpole should be allowed because it is a monument, so zoning rules should not apply.

Abdo also claims Batchelder told him he did not need a permit to install the flagpole.

“[Batchelder] advised that there was no height restriction for a flagpole and the city did not issue permits for flagpoles,” Abdo said in a statement for the Board of Zoning Appeals. “I erected the monument because I was told by the city that no permit was required and that no height restriction applied.”

Officials with the City of Charleston said they have received a few complaints about the flagpole from neighbors.

“This exceptionally tall commercial flagpole does not fit the character of our residential neighborhood,” one neighbor wrote in an email to the city. “Besides its excessive height and negative visual impact, the extra large flag flapping in the breeze and halyard banging against the metal pole are audible problems as well.”

Batchelder said the board previously voted to deny Abdo’s appeal because they were worried it would set a dangerous precedent.

“If this is exempt, then what’s to stop somebody from building something even taller or larger,” Batchelder said. “At some point, there has to be a limit.”

If the board votes to deny the appeal, the homeowner can appeal again by taking legal action in a circuit court.

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Types of Solar Flagpole Lighting

iojzgzg.jpgWhen you go solar for your flagpole lighting, it helps you save some money and even provide you with a wide range of advantages.  There are two major types of solar lighting options for your flagpole which are:

Outdoor solar lighting:

This is a type of solar flagpole lighting mounted on the pole and lightens up the flagpole and the flag itself from an upward and downward position, depending on the kind of selected unit.

This is a perfect option for people who don’t want to install anything at the base of the flagpole. Usually, the lights are attached in the middle of the pole for upward lighting and the outdoor solar is place at the top of the pole for downward lighting.

These solar lights are built with intensity LED lamps.

Above-ground solar:

This is installed at the base of the flagpole and the lights provide additional security. This method of flagpole lighting does not require any form of wiring and majorly for residential flagpoles only.

Before choosing the type of solar light to go for, there are things to consider which are-

Budget: solar landscape lights are not only environmentally friendly but also cost effective.

Location: solar lights won’t work effectively if the flag and flagpoles are situated in shaded areas where there won’t be direct sunlight to charge up the solar system.

Environment: when considering going for a solar flagpole lighting, the availability of sunlight in the environment is a major factor to consider because if there isn’t enough sunlight in that area or location, buying solar lights for your flagpole could turn out to be a waste of money.

Installation: there is no need for any electrician to come set it up for you. The installation process is quite easy once the steps are properly followed.

Keep in mind that it is best to keep the lights halfway on the flagpole so as to avoid unnecessary tampering with light and to also provide sufficient illumination.

Internal Halyard Flagpoles with Winch 20′-80′

Customers in search of a top quality flagpole will find their answer with aluminum internal halyard flagpoles with winch. An internal halyard flagpole with winch has the cable on the inside of the flagpole, thus averting potential flag theft. Internal Halyard Flagpoles with Winch are made of Alloy 6063-T6 aluminum tubing with uniform conical taper and feature sanded satin finish (one of six other painted finishes), revolving truck assembly, ground set foundation and matching spun aluminum cast collar. The winch system allows users to conveniently lock the flag at any desired position. Customers are sure to be pleased with the purchase of an aluminum internal halyard flagpole with winch.


Internal Halyard Flagpoles

Our standard selection of internal halyard aluminum flagpoles (halyard on the inside of the pole) are available in mounted heights from 20 ft. to 80 ft. with a ground set foundation or shoe base. Internal halyard aluminum flagpoles are great for commercial flagpole applications to prevent flag theft by having a winch with a locking door. Internal halyards have a stainless steel cable that runs up the center of the flagpole exiting out the top of the flagpole where the flag, weight and beaded retainer ring attach. Being that the rope is not on the outside of the flagpole, like a traditional external halyard flagpole, it helps to reduce noise or the ting, ting sound. There are two different types of Internal aluminum halyard flagpoles, the manual cam cleat that uses the rope on the inside or the winch operated that uses the stainless steel cable. Due to the fact that the cam cleat is manual, the cam cleat internal flagpole is only available to a 40′ pole to prevent injury of a heavy flag coming down to fast. The winch is available up to 80′ and has a winch handle with an automatic locking winch to prevent the flag from injuring an operator. If your looking for the cadillac of flagpoles the internal aluminum flagpole with winch is your answer. There isnt a higher quality aluminum flagpole you can purchase.

Internal Halyard With Winch, Standard Flagpoles, Ground Set:

  • Material: Alloy 6063-T6 aluminum tubing with uniform conical taper
  • Finish: Directional sanded satin ground or choose from six other powder coat paint or anodized finishes
  • Truck: Revolving truck assembly with stainless steel bearing
  • Halyard: Stainless steel aircraft cable with two, chrome Plated, bronze swivel snap hooks, plastic covered counterweight and beaded sling
  • Collar: Spun aluminum flash collar finished to match pole
  • Foundation: Ground Set foundation – sleeve fabricated from 16-gauge galvanized corrugated steel tube with a 3/16-inch thick steel base plate and support plate, 3/4-inch diameter x 18 inches long ground spike and steel centering wedges.
  • Winch: A winch is provided inside the pole at 4-6 above ground level to raise and lower the flag by use of a removable hand crank. The winch contains an automatic brake system to permit locking of the flag in any position.


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Choose right supplier to get the Right Commercial Flagpole

580356_932365883483765_1754843337980737428_n.jpgStandard business flagpoles reach out from thirty to sixty feet and are normally made of a singular piece of aluminum or steel tubing. You may require two, three or more flagpoles, dependent upon how thrilling you should be. Ensure that there is adequate room between flagpoles to empower the banner to wave, and leave space for improvement in case you have to present more prominent banner later on.

There are two sorts of halyard structures, or rope and pulley systems, for raising and cutting down a banner. External halyard systems are arranged ostensibly of the pole. In this sort of apparatus, the banner is joined to a rope, or, at the end of the day a truck, or wheel, at the most elevated purpose of the Largest flagpole.

The rope is curved around a fitting at the base to verify the banner and shield it from climbing and down the flagpole. The issue with external halyard system is security: it is unreasonably basic for someone to cut the rope.

  • For higher security and strength, pick an inward halyard structure, in which the rope or connection is arranged inside the pole.
  • It is accessible with a remarkable winch through a rotated portal compartment near the base of the pole.
  • What’s more, pick a turning truck, with the objective that the banner won’t finish up collapsed over the banner when the breeze changes streams.
  • With respects to picking a business flagpole material, you can turn out with steel. Steel flagpoles are the most grounded shafts available and require decidedly no help.
  • For a progressively praiseworthy look and feel, pick a bronze composite. The bronze flagpole is for the most part used for national and real basic endeavors.
  • A Tallest flagpole made of this material will get dim with age.

Business flagpoles go with a burst neck area, which fits over the ground sleeve and base of the pole to shield it from the segments and gives the base a finished look.

Tallest flagpole is the most mainstream flagpoles available, for the reason that they are solid and light.

VIDEO: Firefighters save American flag from fire

Some brave firefighters in Virginia are being praised for their patriotic act in the middle of an inferno.

Hopewell’s Moose Lodge went up in flames on Monday night. As the fire raged, several firefighters set out to save the American flag, which was flying on a pole just feet from the building.

One firefighter doused the flames with water while two others quickly lowered the flag.

The fire chief said everything is a risk and safety was taken into consideration before they got to work.


Watch video here