Choosing the right flagpole

CommercialAluminumExternal2_15.jpgWhen it comes to choosing a flagpole, you should be a little careful about the sizes and shapes of the flagpole. Since there are many flagpoles available in the market, a little information on the types of flagpoles available will help you choose the right one. We have prepared a handy guide for you and we hope this will guide you to choose the right flag pole kit.

Forecourt flagpoles

Forecourt flagpoles are powder-covered to counteract erosion. The keen white posts are made of lightweight aluminium so they can be moved to fit in when you change your showcases. They are the ideal answer for vehicle vendor forecourts or can be utilized at the passage to a petroleum station or other retail outlet.

Fiberglass flagpole

Fiberglass flagpoles are solid yet low-support and are developed from glass-fortified plastic (GRP). They are accessible in sizes running from 8 meters to 12 meters. Our fiberglass shafts all accompany a gold onion finial. Pivoted base plates enable the flagpoles to be brought down on the uncommon events upkeep is required.

Aluminium flagpole

Like the forecourt flagpole however intended to be introduced as an installation instead of being fitted on a stand, the manufacturers’ shaft is accessible in either a 6 meter or 8-meter length. As its name recommends, it is a prominent decision with development organizations. This kind of flagpole is generally utilized for publicizing new property improvements.

Quill/shoreline flagpole

The quill flagpole is the perfect arrangement on the off chance that you are searching for presentation signage for outside occasions. There is a scope of base alternatives, including a plastic parasol base, a cross base and waterbag, a ground spike and a wheel foot. The greater part of our plume flagpoles is provided in their very own convey case. Their aluminium development implies they are both lightweight and solid.

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Which flagpole hardware can you purchase?

ls.jpgNo flags can raise without flagpole hardware. The users to secure their flags and bring it up and down. The term of flagpole hardware is quite long. It covers all the accessories required in a flagpole such as cleats, finials, beaded retainer rings, flagpole rope, snaps, trucks, ground sleeves, flash collars, etc.

Since the list of the flagpole, the hardware is a big one. There are some, which are highly valuable such as:

  1. Internal Halyard Hardware

In a flagpole, there is some internal halyard hardware, which is used and mandatory to buy. You can choose from the following to purchase internal halyard hardware.

  1. External Halyard Hardware

You can choose from the following to purchase external halyard hardware as these are used outside surfaces of the flagpoles.

  1. Fiberglass Flagpole Hardware

If you have installed fiberglass flagpoles, you can buy the hardware given below to give it enhancing or a new look instead of buying a new one.

  1. Paint, Cleaner, Plaque

You can also use different types of Paint, Cleaner, Plaque, etc. to give a refreshing and new look to your existing flagpole:

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What types of flagpole can you install and what’s its significance?


  • Aluminum Flagpoles

Aluminum flagpoles are not only strong but these also never endow you the issue of rusting as a steel pole would. These are durable, means these will last long with you for many years. These are available for both residential (15′-35′) and commercial (35′-80′) purposes. These outrun traditional stainless steel, making it an ideal choice for many applications. The users can also customize its aluminum flagpole with an anodized or painted finish to amend its color from traditional silver to others.

  • Fiberglass Flagpoles

Fiberglass flagpole is another choice for you to install in your commercial or residential places. This only pole manufactured using a hot mold process. These get a gel-coat finish to provide optimum strength and durability. The material used in these flags is water-resistant. Thus it will get a long life without any maintenance. These are lightweight as well as these are around one-third the weight of aluminum flagpoles. Besides, these are safe as it does not conduct electricity and will not need lightning.

  • Telescoping Flagpoles

If you need the best flagpole, then move your intention towards the telescoping flagpoles as these are the top-selling flagpoles. These are highly appreciated as these have heights, which is flawlessly adjustable with a simple rotating motion. Moreover, it has an interlocking mechanism inside the Telescoping Pole, which is durable and safe as well, even in the harsh winds. These flagpoles are the ideal choice for residential places as well as these need easy maintenance only.

  • Colossal Flagpole

The Colossal Monster Flagpole is made and designed in a way to give an even more significant impact. These colossal monster flagpoles are designed to flawlessly fly the largest of flags along with engineered to meet wind and ice standards. These flags are constructed with A-36 Carbon Steel, which offers a 36,000 PSI Yield Point. These have seamless Steel Concentric Reducers, which ensures a uniform taper-like appearance. Moreover, these are available in standard size corrugated steel foundation sleeve along with a steel base plate and lightning spike arrester. Also, these are designed to offering maximum gloss and color retention.

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How to change a flagpole light on the tallest flagpole?

collection-of-flagpoles-with-all-accessories-and-flags-1-638While changing the light on your tallest flagpole, make sure to remember the following precautions:

1.No Electricity

Before starting your process, you need to check the electricity thoroughly. It should be turned off the property. The fact is, a little negligence will give unexpected results.


Make sure to disconnect the original fixture. If mounted, make sure to get rid of all mounting. You should use 110 wire that became used for this light to power up the new light on top of the pole.

3.Make a small hole

Now you need to drill a little hollow inside the backside of the light pole to permit access for the wire. You can also use the ladder if you have the largest flagpole. Decide if the light to procure will need to be altered to fit as the pole cap or if the unique cap could be used with an alteration for holding the brand new light.

4.Catch the wire

Now you will want to catch the cord or cable via the pole so that you have sufficient at the top and the lowest to make the connections and endow for error. It will better to make it too long then have to undergo the manner of catching it again. Moreover, watch for the sharp edges at the drill hole you made so that it does not strip the cord or wire. In a case, you often need to change the light on your 100-200’ Flagpoles; then you should opt climbing flagpoles.


Finally, you can connect the new light to the wiring. Make sure to connect all parallel wires and cap. Moreover, you must use electrical tape to make the cables neat and risk-free.

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Why should you install a flagpole climber?

imagesInstalling a flagpole has a climbing service as well is a very beneficial deal. This option is fantastic to the areas where you can’t quickly fix the flags or different hardware to it. The fact is, if your flagpole has installed at the top of building or the uneven surfaces or has a very tall height, then you need to take the flagpole climber only.

Here are the five benefits of installing a flagpole climber:

  • You will able to install the different flags easily without the help of professionals. If your flagpole is used merely for the advertising purpose, then flagpole climbing will be the best way for you as you will able to change the flagpoles easily.

  • You will add different accessories as well. Installing the various fixtures such as eagles or ball on your flagpole is like a difficult task if it does not have a climbing facility. Thus, you need to install only flagpole climber if you frequently need to change or add different hardware.

  • If you need a tall flagpole service, then again you need to avail those flagpoles having climbing services. The fact is, tall flagpoles need a team of experts in a case you need to add or change its flags or other hardware. Thus, if you would have flagpole climbing services, then your flagpole can be of any height.

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Commercial Flagpole Lights

These durable, yet elegant, commercial grade flagpole lighting kits keep flags well lit. Rain or shine, day or night, our commercial lighting will do the trick. Our solar power flagpole light designs conserve energy and provide a beautiful shine of illuminating light on your flag. The tempered glass and heavy duty weatherproof seal gives this commercial flagpole light good protection to last a long life. Since these commercial lights are available in different wattage, sizes and styles; customers are certain to be able to find exactly what they need to meet all of their commercial lighting needs.
With our commercial flagpole lighting, you can display your flag during the day and at night with illumination focused solely on the pole, not spread across your property. All of our commercial-grade lighting solutions are UL listed for outdoor use and have shatter-resistant tempered glass lenses to ensure safety. The heavy-duty weatherproof seal locks out moisture for use in all types of weather. We have commercial flagpole lights to suit flagpoles of all sizes and some that carry energy-saving ultra bright LED options.
The trick to choosing the right commercial light for your flagpole is to first find a commercial light fixture that is not only rated for outdoor use, but that also has a leak free seal that prevents water from penetrating the glass lens. Even if a five gallon pail of water is dumped on the top of the fixture, our commercial lighting is solid for your outdoor flagpole use. Most outdoor commercial flagpole lighting is protected from the major weather conditions by bushes, walls, and overhangs. Another important quality to consider, is the ability to spot the total wattage of the commercial light output to the flag.  Most lights are designed for landscaping and have a flood fixture designed to light your entire yard and not your flag 20′-40′ in the sky. Flagpoles Etc. provides a unique commercial lighting product line that addresses these issues to make sure you don’t make a mistake putting the wrong lighting at the base of your commercial flagpole, just focusing the light on the flag and flagpole. We are lighting professionals that have personal experience lighting poles at homes, banks, churches, schools, dealerships and poles up to 150′.

How do sports flags the perfect piece for your residence?

iojzgzg.jpgInstalling or planning to install a sports flag in your flagpole outside your home is a valuable decision. Might be, you have noticed there are only a few residences in your area that has installed aluminium flagpoles with the different flag over it. But if you will install a flagpole outside your home, it will be very beneficial for you because of the following reasons:

  1. It will enhance the look of your home

Installing a flagpole gives your home an exceptional look as it offers features like a valuable exterior. You don’t need to add other things outside your home to experience a captivating look. Installing a flagpole along with sports flag over it will give a complete look. Moreover, this idea will look to be unique than others. If you need to give your home a different feature, then make sure to install aluminium or fibreglass flagpole soon.

  1. It will give a feeling of patriotism

Being a citizen of the US, when you install sports or American flag over your flagpole, the effect is wordless. Your this effort engraved a positive impact on your relatives or special guests. Even, it will influence your clients, who usually visit at your home.

  1. It will give your house a landmark

In the big area, it often makes the guests or clients difficult to locate your home. But when you inform them about the flagpole having a sports flag, then they will get a positive impression along with finding your home hassle-free.

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3 Tactics For Avoiding Common Mistakes When Installing a Flagpole

BudgetAluminum_3.jpgInstalling the tallest flagpole isn’t something to be taken lightly. Wherever you want to install it like at your home or business, you must need the proper system, tools, and expertise which will do this task efficiently and accurately. A tall flagpole can result in significant damage if now not dealt with carefully. Below is a listing of guidelines to help you keep away from common flagpole installation mistakes.

1.Choose the Right Type of a Flagpole

There are multiple factors to recall when buying the flagpole which you plan to put in. The two foremost things to do, not forget are material and height preference.

Height: If the preferred pole site is near a building, the building’s height can also help decide flagpole length. In case of a single-story structure, a flagpole will have 15-25’ high. For a two-story, height should be 25-30’, and at three stories, a bigger 30-40’ pole can be suitable.

Material: While wood became once a widespread preference for a traditional time, these days, aluminium or fibreglass is the standard. If you need monster flagpoles, then aluminium flagpoles are the best choice. These are available in large sizes, are presented in an array of colours and finishes, and are extraordinarily durable.

Moreover, Fiberglass poles also available in numerous colours and finishes along with an excellent choice to install.

2.Choosing the Right Location

Selecting the right vicinity for your largest flagpole is as crucial as deciding on the flagpole itself. There are some elements to flagpole area which you should be privy to earlier than making a decision. It includes wind conditions, surrounding landscaping, and the city of nearby utilities. Moreover, if you will choose colossal or aluminium flagpoles, then you can go to the largest heights.

3.Choose the right provider

Even though there is the number of providers offering the monster flagpoles. But choosing the right one is your’s duty. Flagpole ETC is the best provider of the tallest flagpoles, which can be over 400’ height. It is designed with great care as it can handle the windy weather conditions as well. To buy, you need to log into its official web portal, i.e.

What should you notice before buying a flagpole?

collection-of-flagpoles-with-all-accessories-and-flags-1-638.jpgWith the growing for people reveals some patriotism, organizations selling flagpoles and associated accessories have sprung up. As such, whilst looking for a flag, these alternatives may be overwhelming at the time.

In simple words, before you have decided a flagpole climber for you, you need to consider the following factors in-depth:

Place of manufacture

Which organization makes the flagpole? When looking for a flagpole, it is recommendable to learn something about the manufacturer. As per surveys, cheaply sourced flagpoles from other countries do not last long and pose massive risks. It is sensible to buy a pole manufactured with the aid of a respectable business to avoid accidents or harm to property.

Moreover, this factor is considered to a great extent, if you need a tall flagpole service.


Since a few manufacturers make most flag poles, it does not make sense of buying a flagpole at a high price, whereas other shops might offer you the same price at a lower price. When it comes to matters price, two things might happen. First, some retailers might sell low-quality units at the same price as high-quality ones. Secondly, you can find a retailer selling them at high prices that just make the customer think that the quality pole is better than in other shops.


Never ignore to consider the material as while flagpole climbing, you should be comfortable as much as you can. All this is possible if you will buy the flagpole having the highest quality of the material.

Customer service

You will also need to consider the customer service factor. The fact is, while you use the flagpole on top of building or others, you need some help at some points. If you will get worthwhile customer service, then you can take the advantages from it.

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It’s time to buy flagpole accessories

580356_932365883483765_1754843337980737428_nFlying residential or commercial flagpoles is a feel of a patriot. Besides flying custom flags is a good as well as it is a great way of promoting a business. Flying a flagpole for long been doesn’t mean that there is no need to repair it. As time moves, probably, after 4-5 years, there is a need to buy flagpole accessories.

Might be, you have not ever brought any flagpole accessories. But by the time, you should need it as it will turn your flagpole into a new position. There are many providers offering flagpoles, it is the duty of yours’ to take the help of some prominent of Flagpole Hardware.

 Now there is a question which sort of flagpole accessories you can purchase:

  1. Flagpole Ball

When you will realize that the top of the flagpole having a ball gets fainted or deteriorated, then you can purchase a flagpole ball.

     2. Flagpole lighting

When you purchase a flagpole having lighting, then obviously after some time, you need to replace that lighting to turn it more visible.

      3. Advertisement banners

When the intention of purchasing a flagpole is for business purpose, then you can change its banners accordingly the advertisement you need.

      4.Flagpole Eagles

Like the flagpole ball, you need to change Flagpole Eagles as well when it starts looking dull or new to add a new one.

       5.Flag Pole Kit

If you need to change most of the parts of your flagpole, then you should purchase a Flag Pole Kit as it will be an economical deal for you.

       6.Telescoping Flagpoles

Again, if you are finding problems in Telescoping of the flagpoles, then you should purchase Telescoping Flagpoles.

Besides, there are other accessories you need to avail from the flagpole manufacturers. Again, choosing the best one will be your choice.

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