Different types of flagpoles maintenance tips



Sometime before fiberglass or expelled aluminum or Steel flagpole, skilled workers working in fight yards utilized machines to turn wooden flagpoles—poles with sod hugger fates. Respecting this convention, flagpole wording despite everything turns nautical: Flags are raised by piles (pulleys) and halyards (ropes) that are made sure about on spikes. A few shafts even have double or step poles, yardarms (crossbars) and gaffs (additional fights opposite to the yardarms). 


In spite of the fact that wood is the most generally legitimate material for a Steel flagpole, it is likewise the most costly. Here are some less exorbitant alternatives: 


Fiberglass: The best Biggest flagpole of fiberglass shafts have an UV-safe completion and are built with most of the filaments running vertically; strands that run on a level plane make the post more vulnerable and can cause disappointment. 


Fiberglass Biggest flagpole is accessible in different hues and is light, simple to introduce and upkeep free. The apparatus can be run inside the shaft to dispense with the sound of slapping halyards. Most models don’t make bringing down simple, in any case. 


Standard Aluminum: Although light, simple to introduce and accessible with inside apparatus—no halyards to crash against metal—some painted aluminum shafts chip, leaving uncoated spots that may recolor. The most sturdy completion is clear-covered brushed metal, which regularly looks muddled against a white clapboard house. 


Extending Aluminum: seeing withdrawing catches and joints may not upgrade the class of a shaft’s outline, yet extending models are effectively convenient. Putting them up or bringing them down requires just a couple of moments. 


To introduce a flagpole, the initial step is choosing where in the yard to put it. You can do this by amassing a fake up with PVC funnel and couplers. One individual should hold up the shaft in different spots so a subsequent individual can pass judgment on the impact from a remote place. A green spot in a conspicuous spot by the front entryway of the house is perfect. 


To pick a post’s tallness, think about the stature of the house or building: 18 to 25 feet for single-story building, 25 to 30 feet for two stories, and 30 to 40 feet for three stories. 


The day preceding establishment, burrow an establishment gap 30 inches down and 24 creeps in distance across, utilizing a post-gap digger and scoop. This will hold the painted steel stay, which underpins the shaft and forestalls ground dampness from wicking up and spoiling the wood. For soil that doesn’t deplete well, include 6 crawls of rock or squashed stone before pouring the solid. 

How to install flagpole?


Ideally, you and your home endured in one piece, absent substantially more burden than losing power. Be that as it may, before you attempt to return to your typical everyday practice, right now is an ideal opportunity to investigate flagpole climbing your home and catch unobtrusive harm, for example, missing shingles or vents stopped by wind-blown garbage. 


Start at the rooftop and work your way down. If the flagpole climbing rooftop is steep and high, use binoculars to review it. If it’s shallow and you’re agreeable on a rooftop, find a good place have a look. Take a gander at valleys where rooftop planes converge. Check whatever comes up through the rooftop, for example, vent stacks. Take a gander at the stack top and blazing. 


In every one of these spots, search for anything free or missing. On the off chance that you do see that a few pieces overwhelmed, material concrete and different materials can give a transitory fix to seal out water. In any case, you’ll need a perpetual fix for free or missing shingles before winter comes. 


Examine the dryer vent outlet. Is it stopped with flotsam and jetsam that flew in during the tempest? On the off chance that essential, find a good pace stepping stool and look inside with a splendid spotlight to check whether there’s anything you have to expel. At the point when the dryer’s running, the louver folds should open effectively and you should see indications of a constant flow of warm, damp air leaving it. 


The equivalent goes for your home’s heater or kettle vents if they run straightforwardly through the divider. Review the vent opening for harm and look inside to ensure it’s not stopped by flotsam and jetsam, particularly bits of broke leaves flung into it by tropical storm power winds for tall flagpole service


Outwardly examine your home’s electrical help entrance. It should look as it did before the tempest. If it’s drooping or inclining you to have inconvenience. Contact an electrician right away before hiring any tall flagpole service


Are the shades and outside trim alright? On the off chance that anything seems as though it’s released, find a good pace a stepping stool and have a more critical look. 

Deluxe Telescoping Flagpole

Looking for the best Deluxe Telescoping Flagpole for sale? This Aluminum Deluxe Telescoping Flagpole manages to provide both quality and affordability in one reasonably priced, durable flagpole. A 2 ¾” base, dual locking system and smooth finished aerospace aluminum means Superior Deluxe Telescoping flagpoles are the quality that flag enthusiasts are after for their flagpoles. These features alone are enough to set our Deluxe Telescoping flagpoles apart from the rest. BUT then the almost unheard of, fifteen year warranty, truly sets this telescoping flagpole in a category all its own.

  • Aluminum Telescoping Flagpoles
  • Permanent or portable, 7.5′ to 21′ in 10 seconds
  • No ropes to tangle, knot, bang or break
  • Swivels to allow your flag to rotate 360 degrees
  • Rust free anodized aircraft aluminum

Now offering the External Halyard Halyard Kit, this add on will make bringing your flag up and down easier. This will allow you to raise your flag up with a rope like a normal pole. This is an alternative to raising and lowering the entire pole to bring down your flag.

Our aluminum telescoping flagpoles are the strongest, longest lasting poles in America. That claim is backed up with a full 15-year, all weather manufacturer warranty; unlike competitors who may only offer 5 to 7 years without weather damage coverage. The durability and strength of our flagpoles are due, in part, to construction using 11 gauge 6013-T4 high tensile strength aircraft aluminum, rather than the 16 gauge 6063-T6 material that is commonly used. The difference in gauges makes our aluminum telescoping poles fifty percent thicker and, as a result, stronger than other poles.

Because the flagpoles are constructed with superior quality materials and are rust free, they will look great for years to come with little to no maintenance.

Great for homeowners, small businesses, camping and tailgating!

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Flagpole Balls and Eagles

While the flag is undoubtedly the most important part displayed on a flagpole, topping the flagpole with a flagpole ball or intricately detailed eagle can really add to the overall appearance and influence of a flagpole. Available in both small and large sizes, painted and gold flagpole finials are that exceptional touch every flagpole needs. In order to choose the right topper for your flagpole, make sure the diameter of your ball matches the butt diameter at the bottom of your flagpole. When it comes to choosing the right eagle topper for your flagpole first decide on gold or natural painted. Then choose the size depending on the height of your flagpole. We recommend the the medium flagpole eagle for poles from 15′-25′ and the large eagle for poles 30′-50′.

A Gold Eagle Finial is definitely a beautiful, classy finish for any flagpole. It’s fairly simple and matches everything on your flagpole perfectly! Our Gold Eagle Finials come in both 12′ and 24′ sizes. These Gold Eagle Finial are extremely high quality and durable with a beautiful shiny finish.

Our Painted Eagle Finials are another great option for a more natural look. This Painted Eagle Finial Flagpole option is meant to look very casual and natural for those who want more than just the average Flagpole Ball Finial to complete their Flagpole look. These Painted Eagle Flagpole Toppers are also extremely high quality and durable with a nice finish.

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Telescoping Flagpole

  • 3″ Gold Anodized Ball
  • 3 Extra Thick Rotating High Quality Aerospace Thermoplastic Swivels
  • 4 Stainless Steel “Rust Proof” Clips
  • Aluminum Ground Sleeve
  • Anti Twist Design
  • Complete Installation Instructions

Buttress Diameter:





11 ga.






15 Year Including Weather


 Kit Includes:


Our 16 foot deluxe standard aluminum telescoping flagpole is the most durable and the strongest made in America. All of the hardware used on this pole is made from stainless steel and/or aluminum , or thermoplastic materials, rather than small springs that can rust, break or pop out, to ensure long lasting performance.

Each pole section, locks using two sets of stainless steel double-sided push buttons. This construction ensures that the sections will not accidentally collapse, unlike those that only have one push button per section.

The special locking capabilities of the aluminum ground sleeve is designed to prevent theft and allow the pole to remain fully functional, even in cold weather. This pole will not freeze, unlike some poles that are spring loaded or twist locking.

If you would like to purchase this flagpole, you may add it to your cart and either check out or click on the following links to browse our other sections to finish your flagpole including Flags, Flagpole Balls and Eagles and Flagpole Lighting. Note that a 3 x 5 flag is suitable for a pole of this size.

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American Flags

American Flags


Flagpoles Etc. isn’t just known for selling wonderful flagpoles, we also sell American Flags! They are proudly made in the USA, at top notch quality. Our American Flag sizes range from 3’x5’ to 30’x60’. Your chances of finding your dream American Flag are high here at Flagpoles Etc.! Your options vary from our 200 denier Nylon American Flag, our industrial strength 2-ply Polyester American Flag, to our super duty Nylon Mesh American Flag. Regardless of what American Flag you choose; each American Flag contains the standard beautiful stars, double stitched stripes with a white canvas header and brass grommets.

Nylon, Polyester or Nylon Mesh?


Should you get a Nylon, Polyester or Mesh flag? Let’s compare the three types of materials. A nylon flag is that standard, lightweight flag you’re probably most familiar with. Nylon flags fly nicely in even the lightest wind speed! Polyester Flags are thicker than Nylon flags but still fly nicely. They are stronger and more durable than nylon flags. Mesh flags are unique. They are a combination of both Nylon and Polyester but with a twist! Mesh flags are the most durable flags we carry and flies great. Two in one, sounds good to me! This flag is lightweight, durable and looks and feels like a jersey material.

Indoor and Outdoor Flags


Our American Flags aren’t just made for flying outdoors. We have a luxurious and beautiful indoor American Flag displays. Gold, Oak, or both, our American Flag stands are a wonderful devotion to the historic flag of our nation. Rather than just the indoor/parade stands, we also carry Memorial Boxes for your retired or cherished American Flag.

Residential and Commercial


Displaying an American Flag in front of your home or place of business shows your patriotism and honors our country. The message that your American Flag sends is an important one, so you want to choose the absolute finest quality option to proudly display.


We believe there are some things you just don’t skimp on, some things you must demand on having the best… I think you’ll agree that your American flag should be one of them!



We always offer:

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More Information on Super Duty-Heavy Duty American Flag


Mesh American Flag

Our Embroidered Super Duty Nylon Mesh American Flag offers the benefits of our traditional nylon flags with the added durability of our two-ply poly flags and will outlast them both. Our Nylon Mesh American Flag is recommended for commercial locations but can work for residential locations as well. Our Nylon Mesh American Flag comes in many sizes ranging from 4×6 all the way up to 30×60. Our Nylon Mesh American Flags are made with 100% Nylon to ensure a tough, but lightweight flag to fly high and proud in the sky. These Nylon Mesh American Flags are perfect for any type of weather! Our Nylon Mesh flags are shiny and water repellent for the extra strength and durability for a long lasting Nylon flag.

Unsurpassed in beauty and craftsmanship, these Nylon Mesh American flags are manufactured to precise specifications. Authentic seals and designs are always in correct proportion to the flag size. Our Aniline-Dye process duplicates complex emblems with exact accuracy with brilliant, fast colors. These Nylon Mesh flags are expertly crafted using 100% heavyweight, 200-denier nylon bunting! also specially treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. America’s #1 choice, these Nylon American flags are extremely durable and fast drying. All outdoor flags are finished with a strong, durable snow-white header and brass grommets. With our Nylon Mesh American flag prices starting only at $85, how could you pass up one of our top sellers of the American Flag?

Each Super Duty Nylon Mesh American flag has embroidered stars, double stitched stripes, a durable header and attached brass grommets for connecting to the flagpole. These American flags are made in the U.S.A. and meet our high quality standards.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about these flags! Our expert, professional staff are always happy to assist you.

Mesh American Flag

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Flagpoles Etc

The One Stop Shop for Flagpoles, Flags,

Hardware, Maintenance and Installation 

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 Flagpoles Etc. is a full-service flag and flagpole company. We service and install the products we sell, across the entire country, seven days a week. We don’t

hide behind computers, or give advice about any products we have never seen or used ourselves. You can be confident that when you contact Flagpoles Etc.,

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urgent calls that goes to an actual installer. We are a company you can trust to get the job done right, the first time.

Try Our New “Allways Bracket” for

Sectional Flagpoles!


 When buying from Flagpoles Etc., you get the following benefits:

  • Free shipping and no additional cost
  • The best prices in the market
  • 5% lower prices than the competition
  • Free quotes with specification sheets
  • Guaranteed products, even after the sale
  • Expert service available full time
  • Factory direct purchases from a wide range of manufacturers

 As a full time operation of flag and flagpole installation professionals, we give you a variety of options for residential, commercial, municipal, and non- profit settings. As well as different color and material of flagpoles and different types and sizes of our finials. We have a fully stocked warehouse, two storefronts and we’re able to supply your needs at any time of the day.

Want to light up your flag at night?

We have the right flagpole lights for the job. Our huge product line helps supply customers with lighting solutions for everything from shorter residential flagpoles to massive 150′ flagpoles. Interested in solar lighting? We have you covered!  Visit our solar flagpole lighting page on the left side bar. This page provides a large assortment of lighting products that address the best lighting options for every environment; including commercial locations that require high output solar lighting. We even offer a Christmas tree lighting system for your flagpole to show off your holiday spirit.

Customer Service

  Our customer service is top notch! Use our toll free lines to make inquiries, or get professional advice regarding flagpole installation, flags, accessories, lighting, etc.


 Your online shopping experience at Flagpolesetc.com is fast and efficient, with most products being shipped the very next day, free of charge. We offer you quality service and merchandise at the best price.

 Buy Factory Direct & Save !!!

We are flagpole professionals; feel free to contact us toll free with any questions you may have. We offer a HUGE selection of residential and commercial grade flagpoles, flags & accessories. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll get it for you.

 We are a Family Owned Business

 Flagpoles Etc is a family owned and operated business with a fully stocked warehouse and a store front in the Village of Holly, located in Mid-Michigan. With 25 years combined flag and flagpole experience, we are flag and flagpole professionals; this is all we do, everyday of the week. We have a full-time professional staff that offers knowledgeable, friendly, & responsive customer service & support. We beat all competitors pricing by 5%! Lowest prices guaranteed, even after the sale. We offer free and next day shipping along with timely installations. Free professional quotes with spec. sheets.

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Commercial Flagpole Light

Lighting Fixture:

  • 23,000 Lumens LED
  • Directional Spot Light Fixture
  • 36 Degree Spot Optics
  • Universal Voltage


Mounting Post:

  • Aluminum Post
  • 24″ Heavy-Duty


Dusk to Dawn Photo Control


ONLY Cost $45/year and LED Bulb Will Last Almost 20 Years*
(*Cost/year based on 8 hours/day usage*)

Light Kit Includes:

  • 17″- H x 15 7/8″ – W x 6 3/4″ – D Directional LED Spot Light Fixture
  • 23,000 LED Spot Bulbs
  • Dusk to Dawn Photo Eye
  • Pre-drilled Mounting Post

This is a large, heavy-duty, SPOT LED flagpole lighting system specially designed for the proper illumination of flagpoles. This 23,000 Lumens LED spot bulb is designed to illuminate your flag, not your entire yard. Our all-in-one lighting kit has universal voltage (120V through 277V). This 23,000 Lumens LED will bring you 50,000 hours of maintenance free operation. The fixture consists of a die cast aluminum housing, tempered glass lens, and heat dissipating fins making it suitable for ground mounted uplighting.

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The most effective method to Install a Flagpole to Your Home

The tallest flagpole is an incredible method to show your energy, praise national occasions, pull for sports groups or essentially design your home. On the off chance that inappropriately mounted, your flag won’t be flying for extremely long and could harm the area where you mount the post. Figure out how to introduce the tallest flagpole to your home.


Despite the fact that it’s not hard to introduce, ensuring you’ve appropriately verified your flag section to your house is the best way to forestall harm to your home’s exterior and to keep your flag flying in the breeze. Follow our simple strides underneath to be sure yours is appropriately introduced. 


What You’ll Need 


Drill with bore 



1 ¼ inch screws 


Flagpole and Bracket 


Start by situating the section where you might want to hang your flag, at that point mark where the openings are with a pencil. It is constantly a smart thought to put the shaft with a flag on the section so as to test whether a flying flag could turn into trouble in blustery conditions. 


With a bore proper for your home’s sheathing (block, wood, and so forth.), drill openings profound enough for 1 ¼ inch screws. On the off chance that your sheathing is blocked, make certain to penetrate into the block and not the mortar. 

Caulk the Holes 

Spot a smidgen of caulking into the gaps to keep water out. 

Append Bracket 

Utilizing the 1 ¼ inch screws, append the section to the side of your home. Try not to utilize the ones the section accompanied on the grounds that these will be excessively short and will drop out, harming your home. In the event that your sheathing is the block, embed plastic or hardened steel grapples first. 

Slide Flagpole Into Place 

You’re finished! Presently you can embed your flag and make the most of your introduced flagpole. 



For most property holders, the over the ground stature of the flagpole ought to be roughly the tallness of the rooftop top. Regularly, most mortgage holders don’t need the post to overshadow the house.