Which is the best flagpole – steel or aluminium?

1.pngOne of the ordinarily misjudged presumption in the open air lighting industry and in numerous different fields is that steel and aluminium largest flagpole are compatible and that the two materials can be utilized in any circumstance and for any reason.

The reality of the situation is that every material has benefits and disservices for explicit applications and ought to be utilized under the correct conditions. Two of the most generally utilized high-quality aluminum amalgams in the lighting business largest flagpole are 6061 and 6063 temper to T6.

These two materials have extraordinary solidarity to-weight proportion and are utilized in the manufacture of beautifying posts and utility sections. Another bit of leeway of aluminium tallest flagpole is its amazing erosion opposition and its high level of recyclability, significant for the utilization of this material in cruel situations and a key factor for maintainable undertakings.

Steel then again is a higher-quality material and is utilized when we are searching for quality and firmness on an undertaking or item. A genuine model is the point at which the undertakings are situated in high breezy zones and need to withstand to huge and overwhelming burdens. Steel tallest flagpole is normally utilized when a lighting shaft is stacked with numerous banners, enormous pennants, endless light installations or when a customer is seeking the maker for the manufacture of long or tight sections with significant burdens at its end like a long traffic arm with a huge road sign.

A significant factor to remember when picking steel is to appropriately pick the surface completion: paint, galvanization, inside paint or preliminary. You can pick one of these choices or a blend of them and by doing so you will build the life and expand the presence of your item essentially.

So next time you are searching for the correct material for your posts and sections ensure you comprehend what your needs are and in which condition the items will be utilized.

Advantages of Fiberglass Flagpoles

1.pngThe advantages of fiberglass flagpole climber are various. Think about the accompanying focuses:

Impervious to sun, dampness and consumption, their completion won’t stain or obscure like metal posts.

Support free. Since the shading color is a piece of the composite there is no compelling reason to repaint, ever!

Lightweight and a lot simpler to introduce!

Astoundingly solid. Fiberglass flagpole climber shafts are intended to withstand wind rates of up to 190 MPH without a banner.

Calm. Halyards won’t “thump” like metal shafts.

Safe. Fiberglass flagpoles don’t direct power and won’t draw in lightning.

Key Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Fiberglass Flagpole tower climbing

When looking for a flagpole it is imperative to remember that not all fiberglass flagpoles are the equivalent. There are three primary attributes that different them: quality, look and finish sturdiness.


Quality is a significant factor for a fiberglass flagpole tower climbing, particularly in the event that you neglect to bring down your banner or can’t evacuate it. In the event that you fly a moderately enormous banner, the pressure applied to the highest point of your post by the breeze on the banner might be incredible to such an extent that the shaft may break in the event that it is a lower quality shaft. Along these lines, allude to the producer’s evaluations and think about the flagpole opposition levels—the breeze speed a post can deal with. You’ll discover the breeze speed obstruction of our shafts best the outlines. What’s more, on a breeze protection from weight proportion, they far surpass some other flagpole. This is the reason our flagpoles accompany an unequaled multi year guarantee.

Look at our quality:


Let’s face it. Looks are significant. All things considered, our first response to nearly everything is to the manner in which it looks. A flagpole too flimsy will look modest; a flagpole too large will look massive. Our flagpoles have been planned with an exquisite, decreased look, while our composite structure gives a high obstruction level guaranteeing that the completed item is an alluring flagpole without yielding quality.

Finish toughness

One of the top motivations to purchase a fiberglass flagpole is the benefit of not regularly painting it. Be that as it may, there is no real way to realize to what extent a shaft’s completion will last. They all look extraordinary at the store. Therefore, you should depend on the experience and the notoriety of the producer that provided it. Our accomplice has been causing flagpoles for a long time and their posts to have been introduced in places as cold as Siberia and as hot as Saudi Arabia. Regardless they look all around great. Have confidence.

Flag Gifts

What type of flag are you looking for? An American flag to keep on your flagpole at all times? Or maybe a sports flag to support your favorite sports team? A country flag? Or do you need a specific flag? We can make you a custom flag!


  • American Flags
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All of our flags are high quality, 100% American made.

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Flag Store- Christmas Gift

What type of flag are you looking for? An American flag to keep on your flagpole at all times? Or maybe a sports flag to support your favorite sports team? A country flag? Or do you need a specific flag? We can make you a custom flag!

  • American Flags
  • State Flags
  • World Flags
  • US Military Flags 
  • Sports Flags
  • Rainbow Pride Flags
  • Religious Flags
  • Business Flags 
  • Custom Flags
  • ISO Flags

All of our flags are high quality, 100% American made. 

 How to fold a flag: 

1. To properly fold the Flag, begin by holding it waist-high with another person so that its surface is parallel to the ground.

2. Fold the lower half of the stripe section lengthwise over the field of stars, holding the bottom and top edges securely.

3. Fold the flag again lengthwise with the blue field on the outside.

4. Make a triangular fold by bringing the striped corner of the folded edge to meet the open (top) edge of the flag.

5. Turn the outer (end) point inward, parallel to the open edge, to form a second triangle.

6. The triangular folding is continued until the entire length of the flag is folded in this manner.

7. When the flag is completely folded, only a triangular blue field of stars should be visible.

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Great Christmas Gift


Internal Flagpole with Cam Cleat

Our Fiberglass Internal Halyard flagpoles with a cam cleat offer a neat, patriotic look to your display. A halyard is the rope that is used to raise and lower the flag while maintaining the position that the flag is set at. Internal means that the halyard and the related hardware are on the inside of the flagpole rather than on the outside like traditional poles. Internal halyards help to give a finished look to your flagpole while helping to deter theft and vandalism. The cam cleat is the device that the halyard is attached to that allows the flag to be raised, lowered and held at the height that you prefer.

Want the easiest way to manage your flagpole? The easiest way to bring your flagpole rope up and down is with an internal halyard flagpole with a cam cleat!!


Flagpoles Etc. offers Internal Halyard Fiberglass Flagpoles from 20 to 60 feet tall that can withstand a variety of wind speeds. If you are not sure of what is needed at your location, you may click on the Wind Chart link located on the left of this page for general information.


Our standard Fiberglass flagpoles are white in color. For an additional charge, you may choose black, bronze or silver. We also give you the option to purchase the flagpole with a hinge base, rather than the standard ground base. The hinge base allows easy lowering of the flagpole for maintenance or to replace the flag.


If you would like to purchase a Fiberglass Internal Halyard Flagpole with a cam cleat on this page, you may add it to your cart and either check out or click on the links located on the left side of this page to browse our other sections to view the products necessary to finish your flagpole including: Flags, Flagpole Balls and Eagles and Flagpole LightingPlease feel free to contact us using our toll free number, 888-735-5591 or by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of this page. If you have any questions about our flagpoles, flags or accessories, our expert, professional staff is always happy to assist you.







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Flagpoles Etc. is a full-service flag and flagpole company. We service and install the products we sell, across the entire country, seven days a week. We don’t

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Try Our New “Allways Bracket” for

Sectional Flagpoles!

Allways Bracket w/ Y drive-on plate



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As a full time operation of flag and flagpole installation professionals, we give you a variety of options for residential, commercial, municipal, and non- profit settings. As well as different color and material of flagpoles and different types and sizes of our finials. We have a fully stocked warehouse, two storefronts and we’re able to supply your needs at any time of the day.


Want to light up your flag at night?

We have the right flagpole lights for the job. Our huge product line helps supply customers with lighting solutions for everything from shorter residential flagpoles to massive 150′ flagpoles. Interested in solar lighting? We have you covered!  Visit our solar flagpole lighting page on the left side bar. This page provides a large assortment of lighting products that address the best lighting options for every environment; including commercial locations that require high output solar lighting. We even offer a Christmas tree lighting system for your flagpole to show off your holiday spirit.


Customer Service

Our customer service is top notch! Use our toll free lines to make inquiries, or get professional advice regarding flagpole installation, flags, accessories, lighting, etc.


Your online shopping experience at Flagpolesetc.com is fast and efficient, with most products being shipped the very next day, free of charge. We offer you quality service and merchandise at the best price.

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The Advantages of Telescoping Flagpoles over Traditional Poles

There are numerous kinds of flagpoles accessible in the market today. One of them is the extending Nautical Flagpole. An extending flagpole is an increasingly current kind of post which bears more points of interest over the ordinary sort of shafts.

One bit of leeway is that it just takes about under 10 seconds to raise or to bring down the Nautical Flagpole contrasted with minutes when utilizing the conventional post. It is likewise simple and advantageous to utilize even on cruel climate conditions. With this sort of banner, you don’t have to worry about tangled ropes and stood up equipment in a banner raising function. It is truly adaptable and due to the accommodation it gives, you can bring down the banners and store it each after use bother free.

Another preferred position is that it can undoubtedly be put away since it is partitioned into 4 areas which rest inside each other. On the off chance that you have to utilize it for banner raising, it is likewise simple to introduce as the segments effectively secure set up not at all like the customary flagpole which is difficult to store as it can’t be collapsed hence, you need to take it and store it all in all. The issue is on the off chance that it is around 20 feet tall!

Notwithstanding that, all the equipment are kept inside the posts where it is shielded from changing climate conditions, rust, and erosion not at all like in customary flagpoles where the equipment are uncovered outside. Additionally, Telescoping Flagpole Hardware are produced using airplane grade aluminum that causes it solid and solid that to can keep going for quite a long time. There are additionally 3 hues accessible for an extending banner shaft which you can discover at legitimate banner post providers on the web. Thus, mull over this before settling on which kind of flagpoles to use for your home or business foundation.

There are numerous advantages to utilizing a fiberglass Flagpole Hardware rather than a metal flagpole. Right off the bat, they are more secure in light of the fact that they won’t lead power like metal flagpoles will. Furthermore, they look more pleasant in light of the fact that not at all like metal flagpoles they won’t rust or stain from age – also a few makers offer fiberglass flagpoles in various hues! At long last, they are calmer than metal flagpoles – no slamming and banging from different parts hitting it.

Commercial Flagpole Lighting

Flagpole Size:
Size / Style:
7700 Lumens LED Flagpole Lighting Kit

(35′ – 40′ Flagpoles)

Lighting Fixture:

  • 7700 Lumens LED Directional Spot Light Fixture
  • 36 Degree Spot Optics
  • Universal Voltage


Ground Sleeve:
17″ Heavy-Duty


Dusk to Dawn Photo Control


ONLY Cost $23/year and LED Bulb Will Last Almost 20 Years*
(*Cost/year based on 8 hours/day usage*)

Light Kit Includes:


  • 8 1/2″ x 6 1/4″ x 7 3/4″ Directional LED Spot Light Fixture
  • 17″ Heavy-Duty Black Ground Spike
  • 7700 Lumens LED Bulb
  • Dusk to Dawn Photo Eye






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Internal Flagpole with Winch

Customers in search of a top quality flagpole will find their answer with an aluminum internal halyard flagpole with a winch. An Internal Halyard Flagpole with a winch has the cable on the inside of the flagpole, thus averting potential flag theft. Internal Halyard Flagpoles with Winch are made of Alloy 6063-T6 aluminum tubing with uniform conical taper and feature sanded satin finish (one of six other painted finishes), revolving truck assembly, ground set foundation and matching spun aluminum cast collar. The winch system allows users to conveniently lock the flag at any desired position. Customers are sure to be pleased with the purchase of an Aluminum Internal Halyard Flagpole with a winch.

Want a quiet flagpole? A flagpole without all of the noise from the rope? This is the perfect flagpole for you! 

Internal Halyard Flagpoles

Our standard selection of internal halyard aluminum flagpoles (halyard on the inside of the pole) are available in mounted heights from 20 ft. to 80 ft. with a ground set foundation or shoe base. Internal Halyard Aluminum flagpoles are great for commercial flagpole applications to prevent flag theft by having a winch with a locking door. Internal halyards have a stainless steel cable that runs up the center of the flagpole exiting out the top of the flagpole where the flag, weight and beaded retainer ring attach. Being that the rope is not on the outside of the flagpole, like a traditional external halyard flagpole, the ting ting sound is drastically reduced.There are two different types of Internal aluminum halyard flagpoles, the manual cam cleat that uses the rope on the inside and the winch operated flagpole that uses the stainless steel cable that requires very minimal effort. Due to the fact that the cam cleat is manual, the internal flagpole cam cleat is only available to a 40′ pole to prevent injury of a heavy flag coming down to fast. The winch is available up to 80′ and has a winch handle with an automatic, locking winch to prevent the flag from injuring an operator. If you’re looking for the Cadillac of flagpoles, the Internal Aluminum Flagpole with winch is your answer. There isn’t a higher quality aluminum flagpole you can purchase.

Internal Halyard With Winch, Standard Flagpoles, Ground Set:

  • Material: Alloy 6063-T6 aluminum tubing with uniform conical taper
  • Finish: Directional sanded satin ground or choose from six other powder coat paint or anodized finishes
  • Truck: Revolving truck assembly with stainless steel bearing
  • Halyard: Stainless steel aircraft cable with two, chrome Plated, bronze swivel snap hooks, plastic covered counterweight and beaded sling
  • Collar: Spun aluminum flash collar finished to match pole
  • Foundation: Ground Set foundation – sleeve fabricated from 16-gauge galvanized corrugated steel tube with a 3/16-inch thick steel base plate and support plate, 3/4-inch diameter x 18 inches long ground spike and steel centering wedges.
  • Winch: A winch is provided inside the pole at 4-6 above ground level to raise and lower the flag by use of a removable hand crank. The winch contains an automatic brake system to permit locking of the flag in any position.


Custom order options:

  • Foundations: Shoe Base foundation – Cast aluminum shoe base with four galvanized steel anchor bolts and galvanized steel hex nuts, washers and lock washers.
  • Finishes: Choose from many standard or custom powder paint colors or anodized finishes, or specify your own color for any of these beautiful flagpoles.

Remember, we are not just an online company that sells flags and flagpoles.  We are a fully stocked warehouse with special equipment, pole climbers and professional installers that install every day. If you need help with your installation we are proud to offer some of the most experienced staff you will ever need to get the job done right.  If your installation questions are after hours, don’t worry the after hours message has an urgent number for you to use.  This person is not someone who will accept your credit card or process an order it is an actual pro who can help you with your technical issues.


Not sure about which pole your section 10350 or 10750 specs require?  No worries, call or email Shelly our commercial specialist. Its her job to assist all general contractors or commercial projects. She is very knowledgeable about our products and very professional. Please visit our testimonials page as well as our project page to see what we are capable of engineering and installing.


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Telescoping Flagpoles

Looking for the best Telescoping Flagpole for sale? Our Telescoping Flagpoles are one of our top selling flagpoles. The reason our Telescoping Flag poles are so great is because the height is easily adjustable with a simple rotating motion. The interlocking mechanism inside the Telescoping Pole is durable and secure so that harsh winds wont unlock the system. These Flagpoles Etc., Telescoping Flag Poles are ideal poles for a residential area because of the easy maintenance. Our Telescoping Flag Poles are 6061 t-6 aluminum alloy, which means our Telescoping Poles have already been anodized so that the pole won’t rust, corrode or oxidize! Within our Telescoping Flagpoles, there is a polyethylene buffer to keep the internal parts from hitting one another, making it a better experience for anyone around your flagpole on a windy day.


Another great thing about our Telescoping Flagpoles is that they have swivel rings to eliminate the strings and pulley system. The swivel rings are made of lexan, the same material made in aircraft windows. These swivel rings are made with a UV protectant to reduce the issue of discoloration, dry rot, and cracking while they sit on the Telescopic Flagpole. The swivel rings allow the flag to move 360 degrees so the flag can soar in any direction without the worry of the American flag being tangled. The lexan material used to make our swivel rings, is also the material used to make our interlocking mechanism within our Telescoping Flagpole. The greatest thing about our Telescoping Flagpoles is that they are easily transportable or removable! The pole sits in the ground sleeve for stability but you can take it out during harsh weather conditions or if you’re wanting to travel with your Telescoping Pole.



More Information on Telescoping Flagpoles

Telescoping flagpoles are not only affordable but they are also portable and convenient. Telescoping flagpoles are easier to transport and maneuver than one-piece flagpoles. There are no ropes or pulley’s to operate. They can fly two flags at once and also allow you to fly the US flag at half staff. Telescoping flagpoles come in different sizes and colors and make great gifts. Telescoping flagpoles are ideal for residential applications. They can be used all year long or removed and stored for the winter. You can even take it right from your yard to the tailgating party with ease. Go ahead and take it camping or to the cabin for the weekend, you can’t say that with traditional flagpoles can you?

Need a small, low maintenance flagpole? Flagpoles Etc. offers a variety of Telescoping flagpoles.


If you need help picking out the right Telescoping Flagpole for your home or event, give the Flagpole Experts a call here at Flagpoles Etc. and we will most certainly help you choose the perfect, most ideal Telescoping Flagpole for you! Call us anytime from 9AM to 5PM Monday-Friday or you can shoot us over an email with any questions you may have.