How to promote a sporting event using flagpole?


When it comes to a sporting event, the first thing an organization thinks about is a flagpole on top of building or call a tall flagpole service. A lot of things go through your mind, and you want your sporting event to be nothing less than perfect. A sporting event is always popular, especially because people look forward to it wholeheartedly. But how to let everyone know about the sports event and ensure that you get to entertain a maximum number of people for better revenue. If it is a local sport, event, then you will surely want to spend as less as possible and still spread out the word. If you are wondering what to do, then we are here to help.

Spreading the right word

If nobody is aware of your sports event, then no one will know that there is an upcoming event to look forward to. So, without wasting any time, start promoting it. No, you don’t need to spend a dime a dozen on the advertisement campaigns. You can call a flagpole climbing service and start displaying the flagpoles all over the city. Use temporary flagpoles for the event, so that you can easily remove them once the event is over. You would not want people to contact you even after the event is over, right! Use these flagpoles in target areas, know who your audience is and use the flagpoles to do the rest.

Things to do before the final countdown

You are left with only a few days, and you have so much to do. First, you informed everyone about the event, now it’s time to pump up the game. It’s time for you to remind everyone that they shouldn’t forget about cheering the team. Since only a few days are left, now start using the flagpoles to start talking about the venue. Display the venue on the flags and let everyone know where they should come. Put the flagpoles on the road and everywhere from where you got the significant leads.

Don’t stop branding your organization

Since you are an established organization, you should never stop promoting your brand name even if the event is over. Keep displaying the flagpoles, call a reputed flagpole climber service provider to design the best flagpole for you which you can use even after the event is over. Just make sure that this time, you should display the message about your organization only.

So, there you go. Try these tips, and you will surely see good results. Call Flagpoles Etc for the best tower climber or tall flagpole service so that you can have the right flagpole for the right event.

Flag Store


You can also order your American flag by brand name.

Flagpoles Etc. is proud to offer flags by:

– Annin

– Eder

– Flagsource

– Valley Forge

(Box Stitch not available)

Please ask your sales rep for your specific brand, or, be sure to add it to your notes online.



Flag Store


You can also order your American flag by brand name.

Flagpoles Etc. is proud to offer flags by:

– Annin

– Eder

– Flagsource

– Valley Forge

(Box Stitch not available)

Please ask your sales rep for your specific brand, or, be sure to add it to your notes online.



Telescoping Flagpole

Demanding the best when it comes to telescoping flagpoles means insisting on an original Uncommon™ Telescoping Flagpole. These unique and top quality telescoping flag poles are portable and can be extended and locked in mere seconds. The anodized finish and 16 gauge construction assures customers that these flagpoles are built to last. For even further assurance, each Uncommon™ Telescoping Flagpole comes with an impressive 10 year warranty and 90 day satisfaction guarantee. Uncommon™ Telescoping Flagpoles are available in 16’ to 25’ heights.


Our Uncommon™ telescoping flagpole

offers a 10 year warranty,with a 90 day
satisfaction guarantee. It is constructed of 16 gauge with unique poly carbonate bushings allowing each section to slide up and down smoothly “metal never touches metal”. It’s pvc ground sleeve has locking capabilities to prevent theft.


The Uncommon™ flagpole is the

only flagpole to offer theft replacement.

Just provide a legitimate police report,

insurance information and bill of sale,

and manufacturing will replace it.


  • Telescoping Flagpole Design
  • Extends and Locks in Place in Seconds
  • Anodize Finish
  • Large Diameter Tubing (See Pole Specifications Below)
  • No Ropes to Wear or Tangle
  • Swivel rings
  • No Hardware to Bang Against the Pole
  • Maintenance Free
  • Portable
  • Warranty
  • Simple press and Release Buttons For Ease of use

Fiberglass Flagpole

A flagpole is a central part of any home or business. When something is such a focal point, it needs to be the best. The fiberglass flagpoles for sale by Flagpoles Etc. are by far the best. Fiberglass flagpoles are ideally suited for states with coastal regions, such as Maine and New Jersey, because of their wind and water resistance but equally well-suited for inland areas because of their strength and resilience. Fiberglass flagpole owners can say goodbye to worries of corrosion, lightning strikes, pitting, stains and any maintenance concerns in general because fiberglass flagpoles are not affected by any of these problems. Choose carefree strength; choose fiberglass flagpoles.

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There is a good reason Fiberglass External Halyard Flagpoles are so coveted—they are highly functional and provide the traditional look associated with classic flagpoles. The fiberglass used for these flagpoles makes these flagpoles stronger than any other fiberglass flagstaffs out there and the external halyard allows owners to easily raise and lower flags while enjoying the classic look that only an external halyard can provide. Available in heights ranging from 20 feet to 60 feet to meet the needs of homes and businesses both large and small. These External Halyard Flagpoles come fully mounted and complete with an impressive 20 year warranty.

Looking for lightweight strength made to thrive in nautical environments? Look no further than Nautical Fiberglass Flagpoles with Yardarm. The Nautical Fiberglass Flagpoles offered by Flagpoles Etc. come almost fully mounted so that owners only have to attach the finial at the top. The gel coating on these flagpoles means they require no pesky painting maintenance. In addition to being wind and weather resistant, Flagpoles Etc.’s Nautical Flagpoles are also safer because they do not conduct electricity from lightning. Any marine enthusiast needs to look no further than Nautical Fiberglass Flagpoles with a Yardarm to find the perfect flagpole!



This is the only fiberglass flagpole manufactured using a hot molded process. This process ensures that the curing is 97% completed when the pole is taken out of the mold after 20-30 minutes.


The gel-coat which has been applied inside the wall of the mold becomes an integral part of the composite. There is no risk of detachment between the composite and the gel-coat. And because the curing has been achieved at 97%, there is only a very minimal evolution of the composite over the life of the fiberglass flagpole.


The hot-molded process increases the strength of the composite which allows us to manufacture stronger fiberglass flagpoles. The two mold lines are a characteristic of fiberglass flagpoles. They are not a seam or a manufacturers defect. If you are not familiar with fiberglass flagpoles, you can request pictures of mold lines prior to the purchase of your fiberglass flagpole. This is why our fiberglass flagpoles have the highest wind ratings/weight in the industry.


Our External Halyard Fiberglass Flagpoles offer the traditional style that has a patriotic look. It is the most popular style in the United States. A halyard is the rope that is used to raise and lower the flag and to maintain the position that the flag is set at.


Our standard fiberglass flagpoles are white in color. For an additional charge, you may choose black, bronze or silver. We also give you the option to purchase the flagpole with a hinge base, rather than the standard

ground base. The hinge base allows easy lowering of the flagpole for maintenance or to replace the flag.






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Memorial Flag Case

A memorial flag is something to be both proudly displayed today and preserved for generations to come. Properly displaying and preserving a flag requires a worthy memorial flag case. These memorial cases are for sale in rich finishes including cherry, poplar, oak, and maple to make them personalized to each individual’s taste and preferences. Additionally, customers may choose different size options and glass or plexiglas fronts to fit different needs and preferences. Buy the perfect Memorial Flag Case for you with the help of our Flag and Flagpole experts at Flagpoles Etc. If you have any questions on different prices or options call us.


  • Cherry Memorial Case (w/gold seal or w/o gold seal)-Hinged, Beveled Glass Front
  • Oak Memorial Case-Glass Front
  • Poplar Memorial Case-Cherry Finish, Glass Front
  • Maple Memorial Case-Plexiglass Front
  • Flag Not Included


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Allways Bracket w/ Y drive-on plate


When buying from Flagpoles Etc., you get the following benefits:


  • Free shipping and no additional cost
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As a full time operation of flag and flagpole installation professionals, we give you a variety of options for residential, commercial, municipal, and non- profit settings. As well as different color and material of flagpoles and different types and sizes of our finials. We have a fully stocked warehouse, two storefronts and we’re able to supply your needs at any time of the day.


Want to light up your flag at night?

We have the right flagpole lights for the job. Our huge product line helps supply customers with lighting solutions for everything from shorter residential flagpoles to massive 150′ flagpoles. Interested in solar lighting? We have you covered!  Visit our solar flagpole lighting page on the left side bar. This page provides a large assortment of lighting products that address the best lighting options for every environment; including commercial locations that require high output solar lighting. We even offer a Christmas tree lighting system for your flagpole to show off your holiday spirit.


Customer Service

Our customer service is top notch! Use our toll free lines to make inquiries, or get professional advice regarding flagpole installation, flags, accessories, lighting, etc.


Your online shopping experience at is fast and efficient, with most products being shipped the very next day, free of charge. We offer you quality service and merchandise at the best price.

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We are flagpole professionals; feel free to contact us toll free with any questions you may have. We offer a HUGE selection of residential and commercial grade flagpoles, flags & accessories. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll get it for you.

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 Flagpoles Etc is a family owned and operated business with a fully stocked warehouse and a store front in the Village of Holly, located in Mid-Michigan. With 25 years combined flag and flagpole experience, we are flag and flagpole professionals; this is all we do, everyday of the week. We have a full-time professional staff that offers knowledgeable, friendly, & responsive customer service & support. We beat all competitors pricing by 5%! Lowest prices guaranteed, even after the sale. We offer free and next day shipping along with timely installations. Free professional quotes with spec. sheets.

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Rainbow Pride Flag

Show your rainbow PRIDE with either a vibrant, colorful flag or banner!

Because these flags are a Nylon material, they will flow very nicely in the wind

Originally the flag included eight stripes but colors have been removed due to fabric availability creating the current and most recognized form. Each of the six colors has a meaning; red means life, orange means healing, yellow means sunshine, green means nature, blue means harmony, and purple means spirit.

Sectional and House Mount Flagpoles

Aluminum Internal Halyard Flagpoles with a cam cleat

An Aluminum Internal Halyard Flagpoles with a cam cleat provides customers with a quiet, peaceful flagpole experience because the rope is on the inside of the flagpole, preventing any clanging or banging of ropes against the flagpole. Furthermore, if flag theft is a concern, the internal halyard keeps potential thieves from being able to take flags as well.


In addition to the benefits of having an internal halyard flagpole, the cam cleat feature makes raising and lowering flags effortless. Ultimately, all of these outstanding features serve to enhance the inherent benefits of a strong and lasting Aluminum Flagpole with a ground set foundation.


These Aluminum Internal Halyard Flagpoles with Cam Cleat have it all: lightweight, sturdy, weather resistant, and maintenance free. The spring loaded cam cleat makes for the easiest adjustment you could imagine. The internal halyard means owners do not have to worry about ropes knocking against the flagpole or moisture in the air causing damage. Don’t let the sun, rain, or wind worry you about corrosion or durability of your internal halyard flagpole with a cam cleat. Choose from multiple heights to meet any flagpole needs you may have at home, on the lake, or at the beach.


Internal Halyard

Our standard selection of internal halyard flagpoles (halyard on the inside of the pole) are available in mounted heights from 20 ft. to 80 ft. with a ground set foundation. Internal halyards are great for commercial applications to prevent flag theft and to reduce noise. There are two different types of Internal Halyard Flagpoles, the manual cam cleat or the winch operated. Below is our catalog listing of standard flagpoles.


Internal Halyard With Cam Cleat, Standard Flagpoles, Ground Set:

  • Material: Alloy 6063-T6 aluminum tubing with uniform conical taper
  • Finish: Directional sanded satin ground or choose from six other powder coat paint or anodized finishes
  • Truck: Cast aluminum single revolving truck assembly with sheave
  • Halyard: #10 waterproof braided polypropylene with two, chrome plated, bronze swivel snap hooks, plastic covered counterweight and beaded sling
  • Collar: Spun aluminum flash collar finished to match pole
  • Foundation: Ground Set foundation – sleeve fabricated from 16-gauge galvanized corrugated steel tube with a 3/16-inch thick steel base plate and support plate, 3/4-inch diameter x 18 inches long ground spike and steel centering wedges.
  • Cam Cleat: Manually operated cam cleat includes a flush-access door with cylinder lock and continuous piano hinge.
  • Ball: Gold anodized aluminum


Optional Features:


Custom order options:

  • Foundations: Shoe Base foundation – Cast aluminum shoe base with four galvanized steel anchor bolts and galvanized steel hex nuts, washers and lock washers.
  • Finishes: Choose from many standard or custom powder paint colors or anodized finishes, or specify your own color.


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