Eagle Scout candidate creates American flag depository at Carpinteria fire station

CARPINTERIA, Calif. – A new American flag depository has been set up at a Carpinteria fire station. The depository will take in old and worn American flags to be retired and disposed of by the Boy Scouts of America.

The depository is the project of Eagle Scout candidate Kameron Dayka.

Dayka raised funds through donations to purchase the depository box and a plaque with information and instructions.

The box and plaque were installed at the Carpinteria Fire Department Station 1 at 911 Walnut Avenue and was dedicated over the weekend.

Dayka and some other scouts helped clear out and update the existing landscaping at the fire station.

Carpinteria-Summerland Fire Battalion Chief Michael Gallagher said they were honored that the fire station was chosen as a location for the flag depository.

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840 LUX Flagpole Light

Looking for a nice, hefty duty, bright, solar flagpole light? Our flagpole experts at Flagpoles Etc. have the perfect Flagpole Light for you. Have you ever had a small more basic flagpole light that when it’s done, there’s no use for it and you need a new one as soon a possible? Well this light has multiple lights attached to it, so if one eventually burns out, you have five back up lights! 

PolePal Extreme includes 6 LED lights rated at 840 LUX total.  This lighting package has six 5 volt solar panels rated at 420 mAh each, with 18 – 2000 mAh batteries. 

This kit comes complete with necessary hardware to install on 2″ 3″ or 4″ poles, Brackets available for fitment on poles up to 8″ in diameter. 

*Night time photos are actual pictures with no filter, taken at night to show the brightness of the PolePal Extreme.  Licensed and patented exclusively by PolePal USA – Beware of unauthorized, illegal imitations.  



  • mAH Ni-CD Batteries (Rechargeable AA Included)
  • 6 Ultra Bright LED Light Heads – 840 LUX Total
  • 12 Extension Poles
  • 6 Extension Pole Union Adapters
  • Illumination: 840 LUX Output
  • Lights: LED Bulbs Rated To Last 20 Years
  • Runtime:  Up To 8 Hours Of Illumination
  • Mount: Any Flagpole Up To 4” Diameter  Larger Diameter Flagpoles
  • All Necessary Hardware
  • Dusk to Dawn Photo Eye
  • Complete Installation Instructions

This advanced SOLAR LED SPOT light was designed to fill the market between weak and ineffective solar flagpole lighting and the expensive to install / maintain wired flagpole lighting.  The extension poles fit snug to the 3 arm mount allowing the flagpole user to adjust the lights out further from the flagpole, splashing light toward the flag effectively, lighting a larger area.  Lights can be placed facing up to illuminate your flag, down to illuminate your flowers, or both.  This lighting solution will mount to any flagpole up to 4” in diameter. PolePal Extreme includes 6 LED lights rated at 840 LUX total.  This lighting package has six 5 volt solar panels rated at 420 mAh each, with 18 – 2000 mAh batteries. 

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Years after a judge ordered it removed, American flag flying high again in Virginia veteran’s yard

RICHMOND, Va. — Richard Oulton’s U.S. flag — the one that stirred controversy and earned him national headlines when he pledged to fly it despite a judge’s order more than 15 years ago — has returned once again to a towering flagpole in his front yard in the Wyndham neighborhood in western Henrico County in Virginia.

Ordered by a judge to take the flagpole down in 2003 because it violated homeowner association rules, a revamped homeowners association has given him a green light.

“It’s been a 50-year fight actually because I wanted to fly a flag on my property ever since I came from Vietnam,” Oulton said Saturday at a celebration in his yard for the flag raising.

Oulton’s battle with the Wyndham Homeowners Association over his right to erect a flagpole in his front yard began in 1999. He appealed as high as the Virginia and U.S. supreme courts, both of which declined to interfere with the ruling ordering him to remove the pole.

“Twenty years ago, I got a nice house I thought it would look great on. Then I was told it was a visual nuisance and I was ordered to take it down or go to jail, basically. That was the final order from the judge. So 20 years later I persevered, and here it is. It’s clearly a beautiful flag on a beautiful pole,” Oulton said.

In 2003, Oulton estimated the battle had cost him nearly a quarter of a million dollars.

The flag is the same one Oulton flew over his bunker in Vietnam, where he served as a Marine.

Saturday’s event drew a crowd for the ceremony in Oulton’s yard at 11900 Alor Court and for a picnic-like gathering afterward with food from Mission BBQ.

Linda Delbridge said patriotism brought her and many others out.

“Knowing most of these people here and how they feel about [Oulton] and about the flag,” Delbridge said. “He has waited for over 20 years to have this flag fly.”

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Wooden Flagpole

The beauty and elegance of wooden flagpoles is matchless. Flagpoles Etc. is proud to be the nation’s exclusive dealer of these Northern Red Oak flagpoles handcrafted in the Adirondacks and possess the characteristic beautiful grain pattern and strength of red oaks. Ideally suited for customers completing restoration projects or for those with a classic sense of style, we offer wooden flagpoles in a range of sizes from 18 ft to 36 ft and styles including wooden parade flagpoles, wooden nautical flagpoles, and wooden wall mounted flagpoles. Whatever size and style of wood flagpole is chosen, customers have the confidence of knowing they have a flagpole that is ready to withstand whatever weather conditions may bring. These flagpoles are also a great addition to give cabins or wooden houses a classy, matching look.

Hand Made Wooden External Halyard Flagpoles

Our standard selection of wooden external halyard flagpoles (halyard on the outside of the flagpole) are available in mounted heights from 18 ft. to 36 ft. with a ground set foundation. All the Northern Red Oak used is quarter-sawn vertical grain. It is what gives the Oak flagpoles their beautiful grain, makes the alignment much more stable and true over time, and greatly enhances the appearance of the seams and fingerjoints. These beautiful hand made wooden flagpoles are a basic necessity for classic homes and businesses, especially for our customers involved in restoration projects.

Red Oak- Our highest quality flagpoles are crafted from Northern Red Oak [Quercus rubra]. Extremely strong and durable with a beautiful grain, these hardwood flagpoles are available in both White and Clear Varnish [recommended] finishes. Certified for wind speeds in excess of 115 MPH, our Red Oak poles will withstand virtually any of the severest weather conditions in the United States. These are the only hardwood flagpoles of this size made in North America.

Wooden External Halyard Standard Flagpoles, Ground Set:

  • Material: Poles available in Northern Red Oak.
  • Finishes: A choice of White or Natural clear finish is available for our Northern Red Oak flagpoles. White finish includes 2 epoxy primer coats and three coats of marine enamel. Clear finish, recommended for our Red Oak poles, consists of 8 coats of Marine Spar Varnish and is very durable and long-lasting, allowing the beauty of the natural grain to show through.
  • Hardware: The finishing touch to any quality hand crafted flagpole is the hardware. All hardware including powder coated mounting baseplate, 6″ bronze cleat, halyard, truck, and swivel snaps is furnished with each Flagpole at no extra cost.
  • Mounting Base: Not all flagpole mounting bases are equal. We have seen everything from steel channel iron with a few bolt holes drilled, to wooden tabernacles or pressure treated posts. You find our custom fabricated steel Mountain Base, complete with stainless steel hardware and bushings, is engineered to provide the finest system available for mounting your flagpole.
  • Warranty: Full lifetime warranty on the flagpole itself, and 5 year warranty on all other parts.
  • Option: We offer an addition to these beautiful wooden flagpoles upon your request. We have matching yardarms to go with your wooden flagpole to give it a nautical setting look. A yardarm is a horizontal cross member at 2/3rds up a flagpole (similar to the look of a square-rigged ship). Our yardarms are constructed from a carbon steel powder-coated core with stainless screws and hardware, wrapped in the same vertical grain clear Oak used in our flagpoles. The taper is exactly the same as the tip of each flagpole, with identical bronze cleats and halyard. 

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Flagpole Rope

This is a mandatory piece of equipment for any external Halyard flagpole. The standard nylon rope is designed for a residential flagpole.The Nylon wire rope is a stronger rope that will help prevent the rope from breaking.This type of rope is perfect for commercial flagpoles. When you order your rope always remember the amount you will need for your flag pole is the height of your pole X2. Be sure to talk with a Flagpole Expert here at Flagpoles Etc. to ensure that you’re ordering the correct type of rope for you’re specific flagpole. This is gauranteed to be the best quality Flagpole Rope at the best price. Here at Flagpoles Etc, we make sure we beat all competitors prices!


Flagpole Rope

Our Telescoping Flagpoles is one of our top sellers for poles. The reason our Telescoping Flag poles are so great is that the size is easily adjustable with a simple rotating motion. the interlocking mechanism inside the Telescoping Pole is durable and secure so that harsh winds wont unlock the system. These Flagpoles Etc.Telescoping Flag Poles are ideal poles for a residential area because of the easy maintenance. Our Telescoping Flag Poles are 6061 t-6 aluminum alloy, which means our Telescoping Pole has already been anodized so that the pole won’t rust, corrode, or oxidize! Within our Telescoping Flagpoles, we have polyethylene buffer to keep the internal parts from hitting one another making it a better experience for anyone around your flagpole on a windy day.

Navy returning to traditional blue-and-white flag after 17 years of flying First Navy Jack

Apr 25th, 2019

 Navy returning to traditional blue-and-white flag after 17 years of flying First Navy Jack

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YOKOSUKA NAVAL BASE, Japan — The Navy will swap its First Navy Jack, the small flag flown from the bows of naval vessels, for the traditional Union Jack this summer to mark a “new era of competition,” Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson said in a statement Thursday.

A version of the Union Jack — today 50 white stars on a blue field — was flown on Navy vessels as early as 1777.

The Union Jack will fly on each Navy ship starting June 4, corresponding with the 77th anniversary of the start of the Battle of Midway in 1942. The Navy in its statement said the act will honor “the greatest naval battle in history.”

“Make no mistake: We have entered a new era of competition. We must recommit to the core attributes that made us successful at Midway: integrity, accountability, initiative, and toughness,” Richardson said in a Navy statement Thursday. “For more than 240 years, the Union Jack, flying proudly from jack staffs aboard U.S. Navy warships, has symbolized these strengths.”

A jack staff is a small staff on the bow from with the jack is flown.

There will be one exception, however. The Navy plans to re-establish its tradition of flying the First Navy Jack flag on the service’s longest-serving, active and commissioned ship — a title that now belongs to the 7th Fleet flagship, USS Blue Ridge.

The First Navy Jack — featuring a rattlesnake and the words “DON’T TREAD ON ME” on a red-and-white striped background — replaced the Union Jack on the first anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks. A 2002 Navy directive ordered the First Navy Jack be flown on all Navy ships throughout the global war on terrorism.

“Today, terrorists threaten free commerce and individual liberty,” Cmdr. Clayton Saunders, USS Rushmore commanding officer, said at the time. The First Navy Jack, he said, represented a renewed commitment by the Navy to our first principles, to secure freedom, both at home and abroad.”

After June 4, sailors may continue to wear the First Navy Jack patch on their uniforms if they so choose, according to the Navy statement.

“The Union Jack is deeply connected to our heritage and our rise as a global nation with a global Navy,” Richardson said in the Navy statement. “The Navy is a symbol that projects American values to the world. Just as the Navy embodies the values and principles that we hold dear, our very appearance in port and at anchor communicates important messages.”



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Veteran Honored with Flag

Levelland veteran honored with flag from Rep. Arrington


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LEVELLAND, TX (KCBD) – On Tuesday afternoon an American hero was recognized by Congressman Jodey Arrington for his leadership and sacrifice during World War II.

Levelland veteran Jimmy Price, a retired Army Sergeant, will soon turn 99. To honor him Arrington presented Price with an American flag recently flown over the U.S. Capitol building, a certificate, a firm handshake, and an even stronger thank you message.

“He’s a hero who was served with distinction and with honor and helped preserve this great experiment in liberty and democracy that we enjoy today,” Arrington said outside of Price’s home where the small gathering took place.

“I think this flag means as much to you as anything in the world,” Arrington told Price as he sat next to him.

“He set a good example to our family… to our kids… to our grand kids because he works hard. He always has his whole life. He can outwork any of us… even in his 80s and 90s, he could outdo us out in the field or in anything,” said Glenda Gibson, one of Price’s six kids, and one of Price’s four kids at the ceremony today.

Gibson says Price has always been a man of few words, especially when it comes to talking about his military career, but he always knew he had a duty to fulfill.

“It sure is nice to have some of these old-timers left…even if they don’t say much, just to look at them and shake their hand, because it’s not what they say, that matters… it’s what they did that matters,” said Arrington.


Arrington added that the country could benefit from more people like Price and veterans. “Their patriotism… their love for family and community… their commitment to service was unparalleled in the history of this country. We need that. Those are the values… that’s the characters of this country and the traditional values of this country that we so desperately need.”

Price will turn 99 next month.



120 Volt Flagpole Lighting Kit

Size / Style:
120 Volt Flagpole Lighting Kit

 (15′ – 35′ Flagpoles)

Lighting Fixture:
75 Watt Halogen Swivel Lampholder Spotlight

Ground Sleeve:
17″ Heavy-Duty

Dusk to Dawn Photo Control


Light Kit Includes:

  • LHS100 Halogen Swivel Spot Fixture
  • 17″ Heavy-Duty Black Ground Spike
  • 75 Watt Heavy-Duty Halogen Spot Bulb
  • Dusk to Dawn Photo Control
  • Heavy-Duty Waterproof Seal on Lens and Swivel


This is a heavy-duty, die cast metal, premium powder coated flagpole lighting system specially designed for the proper illumination of flagpoles. Its patented easy-mount requires no tools to mount and swivel joint allows you to provide easy directional lighting. Keep in mind this comes with a completely sealed 75 watt spot bulb designed to illuminate your flag, not your entire yard. Do not be fooled by others claiming to sell the same product.



In Search of Helpful, Patriotic Man

A Simpsonville woman wants help identifying a man caught on doorbell video fixing her American flag.

Dawn Janke posted the Ring.com video last week at her home in the Fox Trace subdivision.

She said it was taken April 15 while she and her husband were out of town.

The video shows a man walking from his truck parked in the driveway to the front door.

As he approaches the door, he notices the American flag has fallen out of its holder on the front porch.

The man takes it upon himself to pick up the flag and return it to its holder.

The video clip touched Janke and her husband, who is retired from the Navy.

“It was so cool,” she said. “We’re Navy, so the flag means that much more to us, and the fact that he didn’t have to do this. It was just heartwarming.”

Janke said she posted the video to her Facebook page, as well as Simpsonville Residents and the Ring App page.

The post has received hundreds of comments and reactions.

Some have posted that the man works for a landscaping business, but no one had definitively identified the man.

Anyone who recognizes him, can contact Janke through the Simpsonville Residents post, so she can personally thank the man.

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