How to attach flagpole to brick?

Do you have a brick base for a flagpole? Do you want to attach flagpole in brick at your building? Then, you arrived correctly. There are some steps to be followed to place your flag bracket into the brick.

Things needed to place a flagpole bracket to brick are:

  1. Pen/pencil/marker
  2. Driller
  3. Drill bit carbide also
  4. Screws (1 to 1.25 inches)
  5. Hammer

A height of flagpole depends on your wish and choice. You can also go with tall flagpole service which is provided by flagpole companies. You are using flagpole for decoration purpose, then the garden place of your home will be the best idea in your brick made home.

See to the installment properly and your flag symbols with care. Below are steps given with details to attach flagpole into the brick.

  • Place bracket or pole

Place your pole or flag bracket on the place as per your wish or choice to install a flagpole on top of building.

  • Check properly

Move around every choice of places around building or home where you want to mount flagpole and make sure about the flagpole is not in the area where flagpole might get damage with outdoor lights or thorns and dust.

  • Mark places for holes

Mark the holes first for the bracket in the place where you wish to drill holes for the flagpole and set flagpole on top of building around.

  • Drill holes

Drill or dig holes for brackets to screw it into the brick with using drill bit into brick and concrete. Measure and compare the measurements and size properly with guidelines and resources available for help.

  • Anchors

Insert screws and beat it up with the hammer into the holes for attaching screw anchors.

  • Place it

Put and place your pole to the brick with care and attach it with screws.

  • Some important tips

Be careful which using the hammer, concentrate there properly. Do wear some eye protection during drilling brick for preventing dust to get into eyes.

These were some important steps to be followed while attaching tall flagpole service to the bricks.

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