Edison seventh grader wins second place in VFW essay contest by honoring American flag

“I am allowed to practice any religion of my choice, and I can also speak about my own thoughts and ideas,” Pranav wrote in his essay for the VFW Patriot’s Pen youth essay contest. “In addition, I can write anything that I want and can also gather with my friends. But more importantly, the U.S. flag also represents the character of our country.”

Pranav’s essay submission on “Why I Honor the American Flag,” through Edison’s VFW Memorial Post 3117, garnered second place in the state.

“I’m really proud about winning second place for the Patriot’s Pen contest and thank Mr. [Todd] Pagel for having us do these cool activities in class,” he said. “It was a great opportunity for both me and all the other students to present our ideas about America. I can’t wait to participate in this contest next year as well.”

Pagel, a history teacher at John Adams Middle School, who encourages his students to participate in the essay contest each year, said there were more than 300 students who participated in Middlesex County, over 3,000 in the state, and about 130,000 students across the country.

The first-place winner from each state competes for national awards totaling $55,000, with each first-place state winner receiving a minimum of $500 at the national level.

The national first-place winner wins $5,000 and an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. #flagpolesetc #commerciallighting #veteran #americanflag #flagpoleinstallation #advertisingbanners



Carol Moseley-Braun

“Defining myself, as opposed to being defined by others, is one of the most difficult challenges I face.”

—Carol Moseley-Braun, politician and lawyer #BlackHistoryMonth#WednesdayWisdom #Quote #USA #Flagpolesetc #customflags#Americanflag #advertisingbanners #flagpole #Veterans



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Black History Month

Mae Carol Jemison is an American engineer, physician and @NASA astronaut. She became the first African American woman to travel in space when she went into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on September 12, 1992.


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Sgt. William Harvey Carnet

The first African American to receive the medal of honor in the Civil War. Despite being shot in the face, shoulders, arms and legs, he refused to let the American flag touch the ground.



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Some things to know about flagpoles

There are some facts you need to know about flagpoles whether you are purchasing new flagpole or replacing your old one. So you need to keep all this in mind with all the question answered that occurs to you about flagpoles. When you are buying flagpole, many sizes and shapes are available from choosing flagpoles, which will confuse you for a while with the designs and shapes selection process. Although you can design your own custom flags as per your choice and needs.

You can buy any types of flagpoles taking from garden flags to the small hand carrying flagpoles, also commercial flags are available with recognization of all purpose of purchasing a flagpole which is suitable for your need. By deciding its location and main purpose, you will not be confused to satisfy your needs while choosing commercial flagpoles or custom flags.

Now the question arises is that do flagpole installation needs permission? Then the answer is yes, you need permission from local councils to install flagpole permanently on your place. No permission needed for mounting flagpole temporarily. Flagpole installation comes under ‘the town and country planning act 1990’ for where permission is granted. When you are planning to mount in your work area, then it comes under ‘health & safety at work act 1974’ which needs your approval or guarantee that the flag will remain safe and risk-free.

Wind speed has been increased nowadays and so it is important that your flagpole stands straight or hold itself firmly prevent damage or breakages incidents. Thus, a flagpoles company must give the guarantee to your flagpoles to withstand it with wind speeds.

Width or thickness of flagpole is an essential factor to see before mounting flagpoles. The flagpole will be weak if your flagpole width or thickness is very low. And this increases the risk of damage to your flagpole or will not withstand if it is thinnest. Heavy flagpoles have a thickness from 3mm to 7 mm to uphold it firmly and straight without any damage occurring.

Things to remember before buying a flagpole

Are you interested in buying a flagpole? Do you know some important points to remember while buying the biggest flagpole? With national flags, business flagpoles and flags have also been trending in the business industry. And with this shopping, a flagpole from the best flagpoles company is common nowadays. pick up the flagpole from a decent store with the right type of poles such as a monster flagpole, steel pole, aluminum pole etc.

There are some things that is to keep in mind while buying flagpoles.

  • Manufacturing place

Buying a flagpole from a company is an easy task but going to the best shop is not that easy. Before buying, get full details about the manufacturer, its place etc. Some say about flagpole to be cheap and guarantee but sometimes the flagpoles do not remain best for a long time. And so, it is asked to go with full details. It is considered as a wise action because it will avoid damage and loss to the business. Nowadays, monster flagpoles are used in treding.

  • Material provided or used

The material used to make flagpoles plays an important role in durability. The three main materials are trending and most used are steel, fiberglass, and aluminum. Of all these aluminum is considered the best material due to its beauty, durability, and robustness. Steel material is used to make the biggest flagpoles as it is considered as strongest material. Fiberglass attracts the eyes of humans and considered best for residential.

  • Rates

Comparing price before buying flagpoles is important. Go with the low price which offers the same quality with the same material comparing to higher rates. Some retailers provide low-quality flagpoles at the same rates compared to high-quality poles, while some retailers sell low-quality flagpoles at a higher rate as they think people will consider this as high quality and buy it. So, be careful and buy flagpole from experienced retailers where you can trust them.

  • Services provided to customers

Services provided to you is seen when you are buying flagpoles. The best companies will always explain to you in details all the plans it offers.

How to attach flagpole to brick?

Do you have a brick base for a flagpole? Do you want to attach flagpole in brick at your building? Then, you arrived correctly. There are some steps to be followed to place your flag bracket into the brick.

Things needed to place a flagpole bracket to brick are:

  1. Pen/pencil/marker
  2. Driller
  3. Drill bit carbide also
  4. Screws (1 to 1.25 inches)
  5. Hammer

A height of flagpole depends on your wish and choice. You can also go with tall flagpole service which is provided by flagpole companies. You are using flagpole for decoration purpose, then the garden place of your home will be the best idea in your brick made home.

See to the installment properly and your flag symbols with care. Below are steps given with details to attach flagpole into the brick.

  • Place bracket or pole

Place your pole or flag bracket on the place as per your wish or choice to install a flagpole on top of building.

  • Check properly

Move around every choice of places around building or home where you want to mount flagpole and make sure about the flagpole is not in the area where flagpole might get damage with outdoor lights or thorns and dust.

  • Mark places for holes

Mark the holes first for the bracket in the place where you wish to drill holes for the flagpole and set flagpole on top of building around.

  • Drill holes

Drill or dig holes for brackets to screw it into the brick with using drill bit into brick and concrete. Measure and compare the measurements and size properly with guidelines and resources available for help.

  • Anchors

Insert screws and beat it up with the hammer into the holes for attaching screw anchors.

  • Place it

Put and place your pole to the brick with care and attach it with screws.

  • Some important tips

Be careful which using the hammer, concentrate there properly. Do wear some eye protection during drilling brick for preventing dust to get into eyes.

These were some important steps to be followed while attaching tall flagpole service to the bricks.

Things to know before finalising on Flagpole lighting and telescoping flagpoles

Electric, In Ground lights or more ground flood lights, are an incredible alternative to enlighten Flags. Flagpole lighting will enable you to decide the best lighting framework and items for your presentation. This inconspicuous way to deal with lighting your flag and flagpole utilizes lights covered into the ground which enlighten the whole flagpole. Outdoor in-ground lights, once in a while have a restricted range and may require the utilization of at least two lights to appropriately enlighten your showcase make beyond any doubt you select a voltage that gives the extraordinary light expected to achieve the banner at the highest point of the post. Outdoor in-ground lights are an amazing, space-sparing choice for enlightening your flag presentation

No more darkness:

Normally introduced at the base of the flagpole, this Flagpole lighting makes a fan-moulded light showcase that can enlighten both the flagpole and the scene with the flagpole as a point of convergence. Floodlights and other over the ground lights commonly have a solid shaft taking into consideration the utilization of fewer lights above-ground floodlights offer improved security for your banner presentation and area.

Electric downlights, another efficient way of flagpole lighting otherwise called Ball Top Lights, are electrically fuelled lights which are put at the highest point of the flagpole. Illuminate light a descending way onto banner and flagpole Ball Top Lights include an enriching or elaborate touch to your flagpole introduction

About the structure:

Considering our new Telescoping Flagpole is definitive in Extending flagpole, each area of the shaft raises and brings down effectively. For better activity, similarity, quality, and magnificence, putting forth the PVC ground sleeve with a brightening carbon-fiber bushing will help discourage burglary and undesirable rotational development. These new Telescoping Flagpoles are the ultimate in plan and quality and prepared to serve you for a long time to come. Another incredible thing about our Telescoping Poles is that it has swivel rings to dispense with the strings and pulley framework.

Because having an edge of compacting and change of size when required they are pulling the eye of people.