Benefits of Telescoping Flagpoles

There are various types of flagpoles available in today’s market. Telescopic flagpoles are the best flagpoles that have all the advanced features embedded in it. It is modern type of pole that has more advantages as compared to the other conventional type of poles. Due to it advance feature, it is gaining popularity all over the world.

Advantages of telescopic Flagpole

The biggest advantage of this flagpole is that it takes 10 seconds to raise or lower the flag as compared to the traditional one, which takes minutes to do the same. These poles are easy and convenient to use in harsh weather conditions. There are no chances of any damage like tangled ropes or any stuck hardware in middle of flag. As it is flexible and convenience, you can easily lower the flag after every use.

The other advantage of the flagpole is that it can be stored easily as it is divided into 4 sections that can be put inside each other. While raising the flag, you can easily reinstall the sections that lock themselves and puts into place automatically as compared to the traditional flagpoles, which are hard to store as they cannot be folded into sections. All the hardware are placed neatly inside the poles which keeps them protected from the changing weather conditions that can corrosion, rust unlike in traditional flagpoles where the hardware are placed outside. The material used in telescopic flagpoles is aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it strong and durable that can last for years.

Flagpoles do not have any ropes or pulleys that can be damaged. These flagpoles are raised and lowered by pulling sections and they click into place by pressing a push button. Thus, rope breaking costly repairs is not to be worried in this flagpole. These poles can be easily installed and can be done with one person. They come with a PVC sleeve that is to be installed in the ground. Pour cement and around and then slide flagpole into PVC sleeve once the cement dries up. Follow the flag pole kit information to install it in a right way.

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