Why Aluminum Flagpoles Are the Best

Flags are very important elements in that they are a representative of something or things which people want to identify themselves with. Being of such importance, it is only right to have a flagpole that will complement the flag. Flagpoles are not everyday goods and thus we must strive to acquire the best in quality when shopping for them. Aluminum Flagpoles have long been the preferred type of pole for applications in the outdoors, commercial/business, homes, parades, and in the indoors. This article lets you know why aluminum flagpoles are the best for any flag and banner hoisting needs one may have.

As we can all imagine, flagpoles were first made from wood. With the good variety of exotic hardwoods we can have very attractive flagpoles but which are subject to wood-eating pests, fires, not forgetting the fact that they are hardly weather-resistant. With the discovery of iron came steel poles but which would rust with time due to exposure to the elements. Stainless steel is also quite expensive and heavy. This leaves us with Commercial Flagpoles which compared to iron is lighter. Aluminum flag poles further have a better weight ratio compared to the steel type.

So, what are the added benefits that flagpoles made from aluminum give us? Other than being light and strong, aluminum is inexpensive and corrosion-free in relation to steel, and is also very versatile. This versatility enables us to have a good variety of sizes, lengths, and styles of flagpole finials like eagles and Flagpole Ball. Aluminum flag poles are known to withstand the harshest of weathers with insignificant wear and tear because the metal is not brittle.

Use of Aluminium when it comes to flagpoles

Aluminium is the widely used during the production of the various flagpoles. But why is Aluminium flagpoles preferred more than any other kinds of flagpoles which are made of materials such as wood, fibreglass or steel? Wood flagpoles are mainly used for commercial settings, fibreglass flagpoles are very beautiful to look at but at the same time these are very costly and the steel flagpoles are extremely strong and thus are used if the flagpoles are very long in height, for example 400 feet or more.

Still, the old Aluminium flagpole which is also used as residential flagpoles comes first as it has got certain qualities that other kinds of flagpoles do not have. Such kinds of flagpoles are extremely strong, light in weight, relatively cheap, very strong, almost maintenance free and also can be easily tucked almost anywhere. These are certainly some good qualities that the Aluminium flagpoles have and thus are generally preferred above the others.

Such kinds of flagpoles are also used as ornaments for decorative purposes. You have a gold ball or a classy eagle on top of the Aluminium pole. These flagpoles have also got a flash collar which is very much essential because since these flagpoles are also used as residential flagpoles they may set on the concrete. Besides if they are also tucked on the grass, even though the flash collar is not needed but still provides a classy finishing touch to your flagpole.

So, the Aluminium flagpole is really a wonderful investment when it comes to purchasing flagpoles.