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As many of you know, Flagpoles Etc. as well as many other business’s are “closed” as of now as ordered by the Governor of Michigan, until this national emergency is over. Therefore, we will not be able to allow customers in our store, and our employees will not be into work for the time being.


BUT I will let you know, we remain open online. You may still make purchases through our website. We offer FREE shipping on our website, along with a $5 off coupon “5OFFANY”



Stay safe and healthy during this difficult time.

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You can still get your American Flag on our online store today

During this Covid-19 Outbreak, we want to make sure you all know, Flagpoles Etc. will stay open online! You may still order your American Flag, etc. to support our country in this very intense, difficult time. #Covid-19 #Covid19 #Coronavirus #Staysafe #AmericanStrong #AmericanFlag

Our 2-ply polyester flags are recognized as the most durable of all flag fabrics. They’re skillfully crafted of 2-ply 100% polyester bunting with open weave construction to reduce wind and moisture damage. This will lesson the abrasion while increasing the flag life. These flags are ideal for industrial/commercial use, being designed to outlast any other! This flag is designed for the most discriminating customer, having the maximum durability in unpredictable weather conditions. This flag will prove to be the most durable, longest lasting flag available.

A flag as important as the American flag deserves the respect of being made of only the highest quality, longest lasting materials. This makes polyester US flags the most ideal US flag to select. The thicker 2 ply material used on out polyester US flags, ensures they are the strongest flags out there and will last and continue to last, even with outdoor use. When it comes to selecting a US flag, let Flagpoles Etc. make sure you get a top notch polyester US flag.


Flags are no longer created equal.


Is your flag still not lasting long enough? Finally a flag with extra stitching for added strength and longer lasting flags.


Find out why here: Premium Box Stitch. 



Flagpole Company

In search of the perfect flagpole? Looking for the best flagpoles for sale in the USA? You have come to the right place. Flagpoles Etc., the leading flagpole company in the USA, proudly offers a wide selection of the best flagpoles out there including flagpoles by Uncommon USA. Browse through our selection of: aluminum, wooden, fiberglass, colossal, sectional/ house mount and telescoping flagpoles -all on one convenient site with all the help and customer support you could need. Whether you need flagpoles in Dallas or Daytona or anywhere in between, Flagpoles Etc. has all your flagpole needs covered. We don’t only sell flagpoles, we even install flagpoles ALL over the Country. Do you need help picking out the right flagpole for you? Do you know what size flagpole would look best for your home or business? Give us a call for our expertise opinions and knowledge and we will help you out the best we can. Find a better deal on a flag or flagpole for sale? Well we beat all competitors prices, so get some proof and give us a call.


Aluminum Flagpoles 

Fiberglass Flagpoles 

Telescoping Flagpoles 

Sectional Flagpoles 

Flagpole To-Go

House Mount Flagpoles 

Wooden Flagpoles 

Colossal Flagpoles 


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American Made Flags

Flagpoles Etc. is proud to offer flags by:

– Annin

– Eder

– Flagsource

– Valley Forge

(Box Stitch not available)

Please ask your sales rep for your specific brand, or, be sure to add it to your notes online.



American Flags


Flagpoles Etc. isn’t just known for selling wonderful flagpoles, we also sell American Flags! They are proudly made in the USA, at top notch quality. Our American Flag sizes range from 3’x5’ to 30’x60’. Your chances of finding your dream American Flag are high here at Flagpoles Etc.! Your options vary from our 200 denier Nylon American Flag, our industrial strength 2-ply Polyester American Flag, to our super duty Nylon Mesh American Flag. Regardless of what American Flag you choose; each American Flag contains the standard beautiful stars, double stitched stripes with a white canvas header and brass grommets.

Nylon, Polyester or Nylon Mesh?


Should you get a Nylon, Polyester or Mesh flag? Let’s compare the three types of materials. A nylon flag is that standard, lightweight flag you’re probably most familiar with. Nylon flags fly nicely in even the lightest wind speed! Polyester Flags are thicker than Nylon flags but still fly nicely. They are stronger and more durable than nylon flags. Mesh flags are unique. They are a combination of both Nylon and Polyester but with a twist! Mesh flags are the most durable flags we carry and flies great. Two in one, sounds good to me! This flag is lightweight, durable and looks and feels like a jersey material.

Indoor and Outdoor Flags


Our American Flags aren’t just made for flying outdoors. We have a luxurious and beautiful indoor American Flag displays. Gold, Oak, or both, our American Flag stands are a wonderful devotion to the historic flag of our nation. Rather than just the indoor/parade stands, we also carry Memorial Boxes for your retired or cherished American Flag.

Residential and Commercial


Displaying an American Flag in front of your home or place of business shows your patriotism and honors our country. The message that your American Flag sends is an important one, so you want to choose the absolute finest quality option to proudly display.


We believe there are some things you just don’t skimp on, some things you must demand on having the best… I think you’ll agree that your American flag should be one of them!



We always offer:


More Information on Super Duty-Heavy Duty American Flag

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The most effective method to utilize banners and flags in your promoting efforts


Flags are getting progressively mainstream in promoting efforts and, utilized accurately, they can be exceptionally successful in spreading your message. 


Customized and one of a kind, a flag with Steel flagpole can assume a significant job in boosting the picture of your organization. 


There are various points of interest in utilizing flags with Steel flagpole for your showcasing efforts. Set outside of your premises, they can stand out from the individuals who might some way or another walk straight past. Splendidly shaded flags are right away attractive, while any development brought about by the breeze will assist with grabbing the consideration of any passers-by. The plan prospects truly are interminable, implying that regardless of whether contending organizations have signals close by, you can, in any case, individualize and have a totally interesting promoting tool. 


Picking a flag 


When designing your flag with the Biggest flagpole, various variables may impact your choice. The flags we give arrive in an assortment of shapes and sizes. A huge one may appear to be more attractive yet will likewise require the space to show it. On the off chance that your plan is a nitty-gritty one, you are probably going to require an enormous flag to guarantee all subtleties are clear, while a basic design may look similarly as striking on a littler flag and could even tempt your intended interest group to come in and discover more. 


A flag with the Biggest flagpole doesn’t need to be a normal square shape as the shape itself can be another component that adds enthusiasm to the plan. Appoints have a wide range of shapes accessible including plume flags and plume flags which could be perfect for your motivations. Both have an alluring appearance which will speak to passers-by and look especially powerful when a few have remained in succession. 


It is additionally important to consider whether your flags should be moved. A light-weight, convenient flag is a flexible marketing tool, empowering you to move your flags as required for the greatest impact in various settings. 

Extraordinary Benefits of Using Promotional Flags


Printing custom flags flagpole climbing is one of the most proficient strategies for promoting. They can be set up pretty much anyplace for either indoor or open-air use. Otherwise called limited time flags, they are effectively versatile and can be utilized for growing a business’ great opening, another item or services, special occasion or a game. 


They are an adaptable method of self-commercial. Advertising flags flagpole climbing is an extraordinary method to stand out enough to be noticed and increase potential clients. They function admirably because they can incorporate your organization’s logo and data, which can enable potential clients to comprehend what your business is about. You have the choice to choose from two kinds of indoor and open-air flags. 


Advantages of custom flag printing: 


Advantages incorporate shading. This makes an appealing introduction that catches consideration. You need to have the option to get the most consideration that will get your image’s name on individuals’ brains. Counting an assortment of hues is an incredible path for potential clients to make them talk about your business or occasion. 


They are less confined as in you can put them anyplace. The flag tall flagpole service doesn’t require a changeless apparatus to hold it set up. You have the choice to buy extra equipment, for example, a ground stake for open-air use or a post and cross base for indoor use. Once showing, you’re completely done! 


When you have a tall flagpole service printed, there is no compelling reason to buy another one for quite a while. They are imprinted on one side on a tough 3oz polyester texture. Your image gets the most extreme introduction from having the logo and vision explanation laid out intensely for all to see. A custom flag gives your business enough perceivability to stir the interest of potential clients. 


The most effective method to Care for Your Flag: 


They can be machine washed in chilly water with mellow cleanser utilizing the delicate cycle, no detergent. Tumble dry on low to forestall texture contracting, and steam to discharge wrinkles if fundamental. 


Commercial Flagpole Lighting

These durable, yet elegant, commercial grade flagpole lighting kits keep flags well lit. Rain or shine, day or night, our commercial lighting will do the trick. Our solar power flagpole light is designed to conserve energy and provide a beautiful shine of illuminating light on your flag. The tempered glass and heavy duty weatherproof seal gives this commercial flagpole light good protection to last a long life. Since these commercial lights are available in different wattage, sizes and styles; customers are certain to be able to find exactly what they need to meet all of their commercial lighting needs.


With our commercial flagpole lighting, you can display your flag during the day and at night with illumination focused solely on the pole, not spread across your property. All of our commercial-grade lighting solutions are UL listed for outdoor use and have shatter-resistant tempered glass lenses to ensure safety. The heavy-duty weatherproof seal locks out moisture for use in all types of weather. We have commercial lights to suit flagpoles of all sizes and some that carry energy-saving ultra bright LED options.



The trick to choosing the right commercial light for your flagpole is to first find a commercial light fixture that is not only rated for outdoor use, but that also has a leak free seal that prevents water from penetrating the glass lens. Even if a five gallon pail of water is dumped on the top of the fixture, our commercial lighting is solid for your outdoor flagpole use. Most outdoor commercial flagpole lighting is protected from the major weather conditions by bushes, walls, and overhangs. Another important quality to consider, is the ability to spot the total wattage of the commercial light output to the flag.  Most lights are designed for landscaping and have a flood fixture designed to light your entire yard and not your flag 20′-40′ in the sky. Flagpoles Etc. provides a unique commercial lighting product line that addresses these issues to make sure you don’t make a mistake putting the wrong lighting at the base of your commercial flagpole, just focusing the light on the flag and flagpole. We are lighting professionals that have personal experience lighting poles at homes, banks, churches, schools, dealerships and poles up to 150′.

More info on Commercial Solar Lighting

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American State Flags

Our U.S. State Flags are the highest quality 200 denier Nylon State Flags that are all screen dyed with a strong canvas header and brass grommets. Best of all, our State Flags are always made in the U.S.A. Yes you heard that right, our State Flags are 100% American made!


Unsurpassed in beauty and craftsmanship, these State Flags are manufactured to precise specifications. Authentic seals and designs are always in correct proportion to the State Flag design and flag size. Our Aniline-Dye process duplicates complex State emblems with exacting accuracy in brilliant, fast colors. These State Flags are expertly crafted using 100% heavyweight, 200-denier nylon bunting specially treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. America’s #1 choice, these State Flags are extremely durable and fast drying. All outdoor flags are finished with a strong, durable snow-white header and brass grommets.



Flagpoles Etc.’s State Flags of the United States are sure to never disappoint. The USA State 200 denier Nylon State Flags are screen dyed and made using authentic proportions. The heavyweight bunting and aniline-dye assures that these State Flags will continue to look brilliant day after day, no matter what the weather brings. Find every State Flag here at Flagpoles Etc.








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Heavy Duty Custom Flags

Want to make a huge impact with your flag? A Custom Flag is the answer! Flagpoles Etc. is able to print any image, color, or logo customers may have, on virtually any size of flag for customers from California, to Dallas, to New York, and everywhere in between. The visual impact a Custom Flag or banner makes is hard to beat. With your Custom Flag images or your Custom Banner images, the impact becomes impossible to beat! Whether you need one Custom Flag or 100 Custom Flags, we will get your Custom Flag printing needs taken care of. As always, Flagpoles Etc. is here to help you and make the process as easy as possible, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss artwork requirements and with any questions at 1-888-696-5680.

Represent your organization, group, company or cultural heritage with a Custom Flag designed to your exact specifications up to 72 inches in size. No matter how detailed your logo, regardless of how many colors you need, we can bring your design to life on the finest quality 200 denier Nylon Flag. Our Custom flags are strong enough to withstand the effects of the elements outdoors but still look attractive in close quarters in indoor spaces. Whether you need one Custom Flag or dozens, we’ll be glad to create the professional flags to meet your needs.

Yes we can print it!! No limit on colors, images, or possibilities – now even print up to 72″ of material. All print is acid dye ink, directly printed onto 200 denier Nylon Flag. Material is rigid and durable enough for outdoor use, but lustrous enough for indoor display. Possibilities are endless with this product, and you CAN EVEN MAKE JUST 1 FLAG!!

Artwork must be provided in Vector Format or additional art fees will apply

Please contact us at 1-888-696-5680 for any further artwork requirements.

Custom Flags

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Solar Flagpole Lights

Do you happen to fly your flag at night?  Do you know that Flag Etiquette requires you to keep your flag illuminated if you fly it at night? Have you always made an “exception to the rule” due to the high cost of running power to your flagpole for lights? Are you tired of wasting your money on box store junk? FINALLY! Solar Flagpole Lighting that is bright enough and long lasting  enough to illuminate our U.S. Flags.

Enjoying the splendor and majesty of a flag does not have to be limited to daytime hours thanks to these Solar Flagpole Lighting kits that allow us to showcase our prized flags at night. Available in a variety of sizes and LUX levels, these positively reviewed Solar Flagpole Lights feature spotlights so that only the flag is illuminated, rather than the entire yard. The tempered glass lens and weatherproof seal on these Solar Flagpole Lights provide the quality and rugged durability that discerning customers demand and deserve.

The trick to choosing the right Flagpole Solar Light for your flagpole is to first find a light fixture that not only is rated for outdoor use, but that has a leak free seal. You want a leak free seal to prevent water from penetrating the glass lens, and entering the housing. Even if a five gallon pail of water is dumped on the top of the fixture, your light will be protected! Another important quality to consider is the ability to spot the total wattage of the Solar Flagpole Light output to the flag. Most lights are designed for landscaping and have a flood fixture designed to light your entire yard and not your flag 20′-40′ in the sky. Flagpoles Etc. provides a unique Solar Flagpole Light product line that addresses these issues to make sure you don’t make a mistake putting the wrong Flagpole Solar Lighting at the base of your flagpole.  We are Flagpole lighting professionals that have personal experience lighting poles at homes, banks, churches, schools, dealerships including poles up to 150′.

  •  UL Listed for outdoor use
  • “SPOT” beam designed to illuminate your flag, not your entire yard
  • Heavy duty weather proof seal
  • Tempered glass lens

More Information on Solar Flagpole lights

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American Flags

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